We believe that the greatest value that you can give to the under-resourced in our community is your time.  If your family or neighbor is in need, we ask that you begin serving those in need that are closest to you.  It is the renewing and rebuilding of relational support structures that will make the largest impact in our effort to become a “community without need.”

The intention and motivation for the development of the Cobblestone Project was to connect community needs with community resources.  Please know that we value your support.

By donating financially, you are investing in the most vulnerable of Northwest Arkansas.  We greatly need and appreciate your resources, as it enables us to sustain our outreach. Please consider volunteering if you aren’t currently engaged. It is through relationships and partnerships that we are realizing life- changing experiences occurring in our communities.

We seek your prayers and wisdom in accomplishing our vision of becoming a “Community Without Need”.  We look forward to building or continuing a lasting relationship with you.

Please use this form to make a general donation to Cobblestone Project through our secure partner BluePay. For more information, please send an email to