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Celebrating Earth Day with Project 7

Thursday, April 19th is Earth Day & the Cobblestone Project is partnering with Project 7 to “Save the Earth” by planting fruit trees that will provide food for families in Northwest Arkansas.

Project 7 has teamed up with Walmart, Caribou Coffee, and other retailers to plant 2 million fruit trees back into the earth through the sale of their “Save the Earth” products.

2 million trees that will combat deforestation, fight erosion, provide oxygen, add moisture to the air, and provide food for families.

The great news is that some of those fruit “trees” will be donated to the Cobblestone Project Farm in Fayetteville to help in our Northwest Arkansas Community!

This week for every new “like” on Project 7′s Facebook page and every new follower on Project 7′s Twitter account, they will donate additional funds to one of their “Save the Earth” partners and plant more trees.

The Impact

The great news is that some of those fruit “trees” will be donated to the Cobblestone Project Farm in Fayetteville to help in our Northwest Arkansas Community!

Project 7 will be providing approximately 150 blueberry bushes or two 300 foot rows of blueberries to The Farm.  That’s a whole lot of blueberries!!!

These blueberries will provide much needed fruit that will be directed towards feeding families at risk for food insecurity in our community for years to come.

And as an added bonus, blueberries have many nutritional benefits that include being packed with Vitamin C, high in dietary fiber, and leading fruit in antioxidant.

How You Can Help

To help provide those blueberry bushes to The Farm, we would ask that you “like” Project 7 on Facebook and/or follow Project 7 on Twitter.

We will be working with Project 7 over the next few weeks to plant those blueberry bushes at The Farm, so there are also opportunities to come out to The Farm to help put them in the ground (more info coming).

You can also share this with your friends with a simple post like…

Twitter:  In honor of #EarthDay, @Project7 will plant a tree back into the earth for every new twitter follower & facebook like. Let’s #SaveTheEarth!

Facebook: Our friends at Project 7 will plant a tree back into the earth for every new twitter “follower” and Facebook “like.” Go like and share!

About Project 7

Project 7 exists to do good around the globe. They make everyday products like bottled water, gum, mints and coffee that give back to seven areas of good.

Purchases Feed the HungryHeal the SickHope for PeaceHouse the HomelessQuench the ThirstyTeach them Well and Save the Earth.

Check them out at Project7.com.


Present in the City: Grace

Wednesday March 14, 2012 – Wednesday March 14, 2012

Fellowship Bible Church NWA

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The Cobblestone Project & People of the Second Chance invite you to gather for an evening that promises to radically transform your understanding of grace and second chances. Please plan on joining us on Wed, March 14th at 6pm as we gather as a community and raise a banner of grace.

(click to download “Present in the City:  Grace” printable announcement posters)

Mike Foster

We are lucky to have Mike Foster as the keynote speaker for Present in the City: Grace. Mike is a speaker, author, and consultant helping people live and tell a better story. Mike is the Co-founder of “People of the Second Chance” a radical grace movement made up of activists, artists and imperfectionists. He serves on the Executive Team of PlainJoe Studios and is the author of “Gracenomics: Unleash The Power of Second Chance Living” He lives in Southern California with his beautiful bride and his 2 young children.

People of the Second Chance

People of the Second ChancePeople of the Second Chance is a global community of activists, imperfectionists and second chancers committed to unleashing radical grace everyday, in every moment, for everyone. We challenge the common misconceptions about failure and success and stand with those who have hit rock bottom in their personal and professional lives. We are a community that is committed to stretch ourselves in the areas of relational forgiveness, personal transparency and advocate for mercy over judgment.

for more information, please contact info@cobblestoneproject.org


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What a privilege it is to share that the need of water for a single mom that we shared yesterday has not only been funded, but the work was completed today!  We are truly thankful to Allied Plumbing for putting it at the top of their to-do list and for braving the heat to restore water to “Mary.”

Here is a quick recap of today from Mark & Tiffany (Siloam Springs Laundry Love Coordinators)…

Today we had the joy of seeing the second half of the miracle take place.

We are still amazed that yesterday (in 8 hours) the total repair cost was raised to help our dear friend restore clean water for her family.

In the blistering heat the plumbing crew gave “Mary” both clean water and an unforgettable message that she is loved and valued by our community.

Here are some pictures from the repair work, and you can clearly see the damage to the water line & the root that had caused the problem.

As we watched the repairs together, her hope was being renewed with each new section of pipe.  She leaned over to me, and she looked with grateful eyes to simply say…

“I have no words, THANK YOU!”

To all of those that made this possible, we could not be more grateful.  You demonstrated your love for those that are the most vulnerable in our community, and you have restored hope.  Grace & peace to you and your families.

Our Northwest Arkansas community continues to demonstrate the true extent of their love in so many ways.  We are honored to be able to watch this story unfold, and regardless of whatever difficulty may lie ahead we will always be know by our love.

May God continue to bless.



LLP Siloam Springs 028

Without Water in NW Arkansas…the Need of a Single Mom (NEED MET!)

We are overwhelmed with joy to report that this need HAS BEEN MET!  In just 8 short hours, $1,200 was donated & the plumbers will start repair work TOMORROW!

We will have photos to show progress & let you know once it has been completed.

Thank you Northwest Arkansas!  You made an incredible and eternal difference in the life of this mom & her children.  We are just humbled & honored to be able to participate in this story of renewal.

We don’t do this very often, but from time to time we come across stories of people in our community who need our help.  The people involved in Cobblestone Project have always come to the aid of those with the greatest needed, so today we would like to share a story of great need to ask for your help.

This is from Mark & Tiffany, Siloam Springs Laundry Love Coordinators…

A little over a year ago we met a lady we will call “Mary” at Siloam Springs Laundry Love Project.  That night she was the mother of an adorable little girl, and the soon to be mom of coming twins.

Our little community at Soap Opera Laundry on South Lincoln Street threw an impromptu baby shower for Mary, and over the past year we have come to love and appreciate Mary in a great way.  In a short of amount of time we began our journey of lasting friendship, love, and learning of her life.

As a single-mom, Mary struggles to make her limited income cover the expenses of her growing family to include a young daughter and twins that are now less than a year old.

She lives in a mobile home in Siloam Springs on land that she owns, and just recently she discovered a problem in the plumbing line between her house and the street.  Due to the problem the water became contaminated and had to be turned off.

The cost to repair the issue is almost more than she would make in two months, and she now lives with the burden of not having access to clean water at her house.

We’ve contacted Allied Plumbing come out to take a look and it appears she will need to replace the line from her house to the street (tree roots creating problems).

The estimated cost is $1,200 with a substantial discount from Allied Plumbing (click to see estimate).

As her community we are seeking to do what we can to restore this basic need, in hopes that someone will either donate their plumbing services or we can raise the money to cover the repairs.

If you are able to help meet this need you may

  1. Donate towards cost of repairs via the Cobblestone Project Store:  Water Repairs for Mary (all donations are tax deductible).
  2. Purchase/Donate Needed Materials.
  3. Donate your time & expertise to repair the water line.

If we are able to raise the needed funds, we will provide follow up documentation & pictures of the completed work.

Any questions may be directed to info@CobblestoneProject.org or (479) 553-9005.

Cobblestone Project

January Cobblestone Project Update


The Farm

The 2011 season for The Farm is underway!

It is hard to believe the opportunities that have presented themselves over the past few months and we are truly excited about what is ahead.

We are excited to announce that the Cobblestone Project Farm is moving to FayettevilleNew Heights Church in Fayetteville has graciously donated the use of 10 acres of their land in West Fayetteville to be the new home of the farm.


This move will greatly expand the scope of The Farm to include:  expanded food production capacity, work share programs to create commerce & jobs, agricultural education partnerships & a large increas

e in the ability to serve the under-resourced all over NW Arkansas.  We are extremely grateful to the people of New Heights Church for their vision.  We could not dream this big without your vision, and we are looking forward to this new partnership.

There will be a Farm volunteer information & orientation luncheon on Saturday, February 19th from 10 am to 12 pm in Fayetteville (lunch will be provided).  Please register to attend (location information on Volunteer Hub).

Opportunities to volunteer at The Farm will start in March, and those dates will be available soon.  We would ask that you consider attending on Feb 19th as it will provide a broad overview of production plans and volunteer roles.



This past year we were incredible blessed by a member of the community who graciously helped start the D.C. initiative.  As a result, the back of house engine that is needed to support many of the Cobblestone Project initiatives was able to drive so many things behind the scenes.  This includes a home for 3 Bags in

2 Day, support for the 5 Our Step families that were placed in homes this past year, Laundry Love prep & staging as well as some of our Green Rooms and gatherings.  As a result of the DC, we have seen a new level of capabilities and effectiveness throughout all of our initiatives.


So, in order to fully support the continued development of the various initiatives, the DC will be following the Farm to Fayetteville.  It will be located very close to the Farm site and be able to serve in a new capacity of processing the harvest, cold storage, etc.

The new D.C. will take a lot of effort to get it up to the level we need to support our requirements, so there are some electrical, plumbing and cleaning needs if any groups are able to help.  Given a little elbow grease, the DC will be a perfect new home.

If you would like to help with bringing the D.C. up to speed, please send an email to DC@cobblestoneproject.org or watch the Volunteer Hub for staged volunteer days.


!dea Camp: Orphan Care

We are pleased to be a supporting organization bringing The Idea Camp to Northwest Arkansas.

The Idea Camp is a collaborative movement of idea-makers who facilitate hybrid conferences and develop resources for people who desire to move ideas towards implementation. Facilitated by a growing collective of innovative thinkers and practitioners from numerous disciplines, participants gather around topics of interest to encourage & inspire one another, share practical wisdom from the field, and develop viable networks for idea-making.


The upcoming Idea Camp (Feb 25th & 26th in NW Arkansas) is focusing on the subject of Orphan Care. It will facilitate fresh, honest and transformative conversations with leading thinkers and practitioners on topics including US & International care, community development, trafficking of orphans, adoption, foster care, child sponsorship, HIV/AIDS, special needs, cross-cultural & religious dynamics to care, and many more. The desire is to live life as God’s loving expressions of grace and hope to our world through tangible acts of care for orphans.

There will be balance conversation between Int

ernationl & US needs for orphans, foster care, mentoring and preventive care.  In fact, many local NW Arkansas organizations will be presenting include 99 Balloon, The C.A.L.L, NW Arkansas Women’s Shelter, Keypoint Church, Titus Task, Potter’s House, Central United Methodist Church, Cobblestone Project and Mike & Susan Duke will be sharing their experience as Child Advocates.

For more information, and to register, visit https://www.theideacamp.com/.



In Closing

Thank you to everyone that gives unceasingly to serve our community.  You are the heroes & we could not be more grateful to live in a community like NW Arkansas

Take Care,

The Cobblestone Project

“Aggressively Pursuing a Community Without Need”


Click to Download Cobblestone Project January 2011

click document icon to download a printable version of the Cobblestone Project January 2011 Update


Folding Clothes with Superman…

Laundry Love Siloam Spring…

the stories from a little laundromat in Siloam Springs never cease to amaze.  The following is one of those stories from Mark who has been coordinating the Siloam Spring Laundry Love from the beginning.  These are Mark’s words…
I don’t think either of us planned to meet that night, but we both needed it.

He was just there trying to clean some clothes covered with glass and dirt, I showed up hoping to make a connection with someone.

I noticed him sorting clothes as I walked in and asked if we had met before, he answered “I don’t think so”.

“I’m Mark” I replied; “I’m superman” he quickly answered.

Two hours later I knew that “Superman” was only a label the media had given Chris, a man who woke up a week ago to a horrific sound, and seconds later was hanging on to his bedpost as a tornado ripped through his house.

APNews:  Arkansas Tornado Survivor: ‘It Sucked Me Out of My House’

He said he kept his eyes open because he wanted to see the end, but miraculously found himself alive in a pasture, across the street from his now flattened house.

He showed me the scars and wounds where splinters are working their way to the surface, but it was obvious by his eyes that the questions and the pain are buried far deeper.

Chris doesn’t like to ask for help, so we agreed to trade quarters, he put one in, and then I dropped in my quarter. What he did need was someone listen. He told me later it was getting old talking to the steering wheel of the car he was borrowing.

I’ve never met someone like Chris.  Someone for whom I instantly felt depth of compassion I can’t take credit for. To be honest, I don’t know what you say to someone who just lost about everything, so I begged God to give me the wisdom to not say more than was needed.

He started the next washing machine and we just started to talk.  We talked about his son who he dearly loves, talked about sacrifices he’s made to drive a truck all over the country, talked about the hurt in his family, and the joy of watching friends come help dig out what was left of his stuff.  We talked about hopes of finding a trailer to live in while he figures out how to rebuild.

We talked about what those few seconds did to his view of a God he’s now not sure even exists.  I understood, I’m pretty sure I’d have the same questions.

As the night came to a close he said we could pray together, and I was thankful to help carry his clothes out to the little red car that for now is “home”.

What I love most about laundry love goes beyond plugging quarters and folding clothes (as important as that is), what I love most about laundry love is that it’s a place you can hear Superman’s story, and find a friend named Chris.

If you would like to participate in serving the under-resourced in our community through Laundry Love, please visit the Laundry Love initiative webpage for more information.

‘Laundry Love’ monthly initiative cleans clothes, creates community (NWA Arkansas News)

The Laundry Love teams & all of the people that have made Laundry Love possible in NW Arkansas have been truly honored by the recent article in the NW Arkansas Newspapers by Bettina Lehovec

‘Laundry Love’ – Monthly Initiative Cleans Clothes, Creates Community

For more information on how to get involved in Laundry Love in NW Arkansas, please visit the Laundry Love initiative page or spend a few hours with us at one of our “Green Room” evenings.

A special thanks to Just One for listening to the needs of their community from which Laundry Love emerged