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Celebrating Earth Day with Project 7

Thursday, April 19th is Earth Day & the Cobblestone Project is partnering with Project 7 to “Save the Earth” by planting fruit trees that will provide food for families in Northwest Arkansas.

Project 7 has teamed up with Walmart, Caribou Coffee, and other retailers to plant 2 million fruit trees back into the earth through the sale of their “Save the Earth” products.

2 million trees that will combat deforestation, fight erosion, provide oxygen, add moisture to the air, and provide food for families.

The great news is that some of those fruit “trees” will be donated to the Cobblestone Project Farm in Fayetteville to help in our Northwest Arkansas Community!

This week for every new “like” on Project 7′s Facebook page and every new follower on Project 7′s Twitter account, they will donate additional funds to one of their “Save the Earth” partners and plant more trees.

The Impact

The great news is that some of those fruit “trees” will be donated to the Cobblestone Project Farm in Fayetteville to help in our Northwest Arkansas Community!

Project 7 will be providing approximately 150 blueberry bushes or two 300 foot rows of blueberries to The Farm.  That’s a whole lot of blueberries!!!

These blueberries will provide much needed fruit that will be directed towards feeding families at risk for food insecurity in our community for years to come.

And as an added bonus, blueberries have many nutritional benefits that include being packed with Vitamin C, high in dietary fiber, and leading fruit in antioxidant.

How You Can Help

To help provide those blueberry bushes to The Farm, we would ask that you “like” Project 7 on Facebook and/or follow Project 7 on Twitter.

We will be working with Project 7 over the next few weeks to plant those blueberry bushes at The Farm, so there are also opportunities to come out to The Farm to help put them in the ground (more info coming).

You can also share this with your friends with a simple post like…

Twitter:  In honor of #EarthDay, @Project7 will plant a tree back into the earth for every new twitter follower & facebook like. Let’s #SaveTheEarth!

Facebook: Our friends at Project 7 will plant a tree back into the earth for every new twitter “follower” and Facebook “like.” Go like and share!

About Project 7

Project 7 exists to do good around the globe. They make everyday products like bottled water, gum, mints and coffee that give back to seven areas of good.

Purchases Feed the HungryHeal the SickHope for PeaceHouse the HomelessQuench the ThirstyTeach them Well and Save the Earth.

Check them out at Project7.com.


Present in the City: Grace

Wednesday March 14, 2012 – Wednesday March 14, 2012

Fellowship Bible Church NWA

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The Cobblestone Project & People of the Second Chance invite you to gather for an evening that promises to radically transform your understanding of grace and second chances. Please plan on joining us on Wed, March 14th at 6pm as we gather as a community and raise a banner of grace.

(click to download “Present in the City:  Grace” printable announcement posters)

Mike Foster

We are lucky to have Mike Foster as the keynote speaker for Present in the City: Grace. Mike is a speaker, author, and consultant helping people live and tell a better story. Mike is the Co-founder of “People of the Second Chance” a radical grace movement made up of activists, artists and imperfectionists. He serves on the Executive Team of PlainJoe Studios and is the author of “Gracenomics: Unleash The Power of Second Chance Living” He lives in Southern California with his beautiful bride and his 2 young children.

People of the Second Chance

People of the Second ChancePeople of the Second Chance is a global community of activists, imperfectionists and second chancers committed to unleashing radical grace everyday, in every moment, for everyone. We challenge the common misconceptions about failure and success and stand with those who have hit rock bottom in their personal and professional lives. We are a community that is committed to stretch ourselves in the areas of relational forgiveness, personal transparency and advocate for mercy over judgment.

for more information, please contact info@cobblestoneproject.org


HPNWA 4-28-12

Help Portrait NWA

The first Help Portrait event for the year will take place on April 28th, 2012.

We’ll be focusing on doing portraits for High School Seniors and we’ll have locations in Fayetteville and Bentonville.

Volunteer registration is taking place on the Help Portrait NWA website (http://www.help-portrait-nwa.com).

Volunteer signups are underway so sign up today and spread the word!

Sat April 28, 2012, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

For more info, please email info@hpnwa.org


Walmart “12 Days of Giving” Selects 3 Bags in 2 Days

We are so thankful to share that 3 Bags in 2 Days has been selected as a part of Walmart’s “12 Days of Giving” campaign.  We are overjoyed and blown away to have been nominated and selected; however, we know it is only because of every single person who has come alongside these efforts in Northwest Arkansas.

This is a reflection of your work, your dedication, and your compassion!  And now we have the opportunity to empower these efforts of making small bags of compassion tools to the restoration of dignity, hope, and love.

Thank you Northwest Arkansas!  We are humbled and honored to receive this investment into the efforts of 3 Bags in 2 Days (more info to come).

Here is a copy & link to Walmart’s announcement

Walmart Gives $200,000 to 10 Nonprofits on the 12th Day of Holiday Facebook Campaign

BENTONVILLE, Ark., Dec. 23, 2011 – On the 12th and last day of its “12 Days of Giving” Facebook campaign, Walmart is awarding $200,000 to 10 nonprofits that are true heroes for their communities and have made selfless acts to help those in need. Over the last twelve consecutive days, Walmart awarded a total of $1.5 million to 145 organizations in all 50 states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico.

Organizations being honored on the company’s Facebook page today are serving communities in: Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Texas.

“Every community needs a hero—someone who is willing to take extraordinary and selfless action to help those in need,” said Julie Gehrki, senior director at the Walmart Foundation. “We are honored to give these inspirational community heroes the recognition they deserve and do a small part to help them achieve their mission.”

Walmart’s call for nominations for its “12 Days of Giving” Facebook campaign resulted in more than 5,400 nominations from Facebook users who shared photos and short descriptions of a nonprofit’s impact in its local community. A panel from the Walmart Foundation reviewed submissions and selected nonprofits with a focus on organizations that are providing basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing and baby supplies.

The 12th day of giving highlights organizations started by extraordinary heroes, young and old, who unselfishly opened their homes and dedicated great amounts of time to provide food, clothing, shelter and a supportive environment for those in their community who needed help. The organizations being spotlighted today include:

(link to Walmart Foundation Press Release)

The Cafe Final Chapter 067

The Cafe…A New Story Emerges

As so many of you know, The Cafe holds a special place in the heart of our community & those at Cobblestone Project.  It is the story of how a vision for caring for our community can emerge from just about anywhere and bring many together with a single goal of caring for those without.   Without the story of The Cafe, Cobblestone Project truly would not be what we all are today.

Before it was The Cafe…

Believe it or not, all of this began in the corner of a small soup and salad shop known as World Garden with a case of bananas and a simple question.

“How can we use these to benefit our community?”

Rick and Cindy Boosey, and the team at World Garden, turned that case of frozen bananas into banana bread and through it brought together a community.  It was a community asking the bigger question of how can we care for the hungry in our community.

Cobblestone Project first aligned to Rick and Cindy’s efforts when Mark Horvath, founder of InvisiblePeople.tv, came to Fayetteville in the first 1,287 Stand Up & Be Counted Homeless Awareness Rally.  Over the course of the next year and half, countless members of our community came to help cook on Sundays & deliver to many local nonprofit organizations.  It was through these efforts and with the desire to find a more permanent source of food, The Farm began.

Moving to Samaritan Community Center

When World Garden sadly closed, we did not want this local hunger relief movement to end.  We approached the Samaritan Community Center to ask if we could open up the center on Saturday’s empowered by all the efforts at World Garden.  This met two needs of wanting to expand the ability of Samaritan Community Center to serve their existing clients and engage a community in serving those without.  It was during this move that The Garden officially became known as The Cafe.

Over the last year and a half, The Cafe at the Samaritan Community Center has served approximately 125 people per week with a warm meal & a kind heart.

A Hero Behind it All…

There have been so many that have served to bring the vision of The Cafe alive, but there is one person who from the very beginning has committed himself in a way that is even hard to comprehend.  Brad Melton has been a foundation that has been constant through the entire life of this initiative.

Brad has not only served the meals, but he has built the infrastructure to support just about every aspect of this initiative.  From volunteer coordination, to scheduling cooks, finding the food, and to ensuring the stories of those beings served have been told, Brad has given and given.  I believe it is safe to say that through Brad’s efforts, our community has seen a true example of what sacrificial giving truly means.

However, for Brad it isn’t just about giving, it has been about the relationship with those who humbly come every week.  He has helped find them jobs, used his connections to serve Tornado victims in Joplin, found diapers for the children, and just about everything in between.  Brad has “loved his neighbor” in a way that truly reflects a dedication of faith fully alive in the world today.  A reflection that brings hope.  Thank you will never be enough to express our gratitude to Brad.  We are thankful to call him a friend, and follow his lead toward a new beginning for The Cafe.

A New Story Emerges…

Beginning January 1, 2012, the operations of The Cafe will be fully transferred over to the Samaritan Community Center.  This being done in order to continue to best serve the 125+ people who are served every Saturday.  The Cafe is truly core to the mission of the Samaritan Community Center, and they will now be able to fully integrate the Saturday Cafe within their framework of their weekly operations.  This move will also allow Cobblestone Project to focus more fully on food production operations at The Farm (food that in part goes to The Cafe).  Brad will continue within the operational leadership of The Cafe as his heart is fully with those that he has been serving and living life with over the past year and a half.

Cobblestone Project continues to partner and support the efforts of the Samaritan Community Center in many ways to include partnership within the Our Step program, food production for The Cafe, Shear Kindness and 3 Bags in 2 Days for Back to School Backpack drives, etc.  This change is exciting because it allows continue role clarity and further time investment into producing food.

The Samaritan Community Center is doing amazing things and we would encourage all to take this opportunity to serve them as The Cafe moves forward.

Thank You!!!

We wanted to close with this final memory from Thanksgiving of 2009.

It’s because of the vision that original began with Rick and Cindy Boosey, that we can safely say…”we can do this everyday.”

We’d love for you to leave your comments below on what The Garden/Cafe has meant to you over the past 3 years.


2012 Farm Harvest Share Subscriptions on Sale

We are happy to announce that 2012 Harvest Share Subscriptions are now available for purchase (limited number available).

The Farm’s Harvest Share Subscription program is designed to allow “certified naturally grown” food to be purchased from The Farm in order to enable food to be distribute to the hungry in our community.

However, it does more than simply deliver food.  The Harvest Share program also creates economic development in the form of jobs and educational opportunities to students in local schools to provide solutions to ending hunger and poverty in our community.

It’s simple.  The Farm gives you the opportunity to buy one, give one.

One Farm subscription purchase simultaneously provides a season’s worth of healthy food (approx. 22 weeks) for your family and for your neighbors in need – the people in your own back yard, the ones you may never have met but care for deeply.

By simply buying fresh, homegrown goodness for your family from The Farm, you can plant seeds of compassion and grow positive change in Northwest Arkansas.

For complete details on the 2012 Harvest Share Subscription program, please visit the Harvest Share web page.  Questions or comments can be directed to TheFarm@CobblestoneProject.org

photo (16)

Curtis…surrounded by A Community Without Need

We don’t get to post many stories from the Our Step program. If you know anything about the program, then you know that most of our friends that enter the program are dealing with issues of domestic violence and  we try to be as sensitive as possible during these times.

Our latest candidate, Curtis entered the program 4 months ago (if you haven’t heard his story I recommend you watch his video). Curtis is currently an employee of the Samaritan Community Center (SAMCC) and was on the verge of becoming homeless.  His co-workers began to spend time with him, heard his story and were moved into action.  They soon realized the unbelievable potential and heart that this man has.  They rallied behind him and invested time into learning the process behind the Our Step Program & helped him fill out his application. By the time he had filled out an application, we had 3 or 4 different co-workers call and recommend Curtis for the program. As soon as I met him, I realized why. Curtis has one of the most humble spirits I have ever encountered in my life. He was soft spoken, but continued to be extremely kind and grateful.

With any situation, we encountered a few bumps in the road. However, throughout his time in the program, Curtis showed tremendous initiative and responsibility. He wanted to pay back past debts, save his money and was determined to build a support community. SAMCC was able to give Curtis a new vehicle, which has helped him get to and from work and cut his previous transportation costs. Before we knew it, Curtis graduated from the program, started a savings account and is working on rebuilding his relationship with his son.

It is with this story that I am constantly reminded of the importance of relational support. Curtis is where he is today, because of the people in his life. He would tell you that the love and encouragement he gets day in and day out pushes him to make the positive decisions he is making. People like Nancy Seward, Tosh Pearson & Debbie Rambo who continually pour themselves out for others, like Curtis are the true heroes. He is currently attending a church in Bentonville, and goes every week with a few friends from SAMCC. He is building community, and with that community comes the relational support to help him succeed.

We can put people into housing, and give them the services they need. But, we are learning that true life change is created with a support structure of community. We are in the process of creating opportunities to engage in this initiative. If you are interested, or have comments, please email OurStep@cobblestoneproject.org


The Farm Owl Creek 056

Winter’s Approaching (The Farm Weekly Update)

It’s hard to believe that the 2011 Farm season is slowing beginning to come to an end.  It’s been an incredible Fall season and we truly the recipients of many blessings as we are celebrating bountiful harvest over the past few weeks.

The season isn’t over yet, but we were overwhelmed last week when we realized we’ve had over 1,000 different people come and serve at The Farm this season.  We are humbled, honored and encouraged to live in such an incredible community that has chosen to invest their time with us.  Words fail so we simply say thank you!

The Farm Weekly Update

Our Amazing Community

We had an opportunity to host Owl Creek Elementary School’s Garden Club at The Farm & they were an amazing group of students who made a beautiful day even better.

We are thankful for a group from Central United Methodist Church in Fayetteville for serving at The Farm.  We had opportunity to hear a little of their story before the day got started.

We are thank to the staff at Fellowship Bible Church for continuing their work on our Pole Barn that will serve to hold all of our produce processing stations, increased cold storage, and some much needed shade in the summer.

Harvest & Hunger Relief

Harvest amounts continue to look great with bountiful harvests each week thanks to perfect fall weather conditions.

Season to date harvest to exactly 7,468 pounds with 47% (or 3,491 pounds) of the total harvest being given to local hunger relief in Northwest Arkansas!

This past week we were able to send food to St. Paul’s Episcopal and Meals on Wheels, Central United Methodist Church Community Meal Program and the NW Arkansas Women’s Shelter

Rogers Laundry Love Water Install 4

Laundry to Water & a Return

We are honored to share this story, written by Greg Primm. His family has been a consistent source of joy and stability at the Rogers Laundry Love. It is amazing to watch our community continue to care for those in need.

From Greg Prim, Laundry Love Rogers Initiative Leader

My wife Amy and I have been involved with the Rogers Laundry Love Project for over 2 years. We’ve had the opportunity to get to know some amazing people — both the numerous volunteers who have donated their time and our clients who come back each month.

I’m honored to share a recent story of renewal and hope that happened as a result of the Laundry Love Project.

We met ”Ron” and “Lisa” over a year ago when they started coming to the Rogers Laundry Love Project. I don’t think they’ve ever missed a month, always greeting us with a smile and pictures of their newest grandchild or great-grandchild.

In July, they shared with me that they have no water service at their house. Since they moved in over a year ago, they’ve been hauling water in buckets to use for cooking, bathing, and drinking.

Simple things I take for granted everyday like ample drinking water, a proper shower, and laundry were outside their reach. They needed a water line installed from the edge of their property approximately 100′ to their house. Water was so close, yet the financial constraints made it difficult to get the job done.

I contacted my friend Ben Booth of Booth Building and Design. He immediately offered to coordinate an effort to complete the project. He recruited Steve and Amy Cornelison of C & C Septic to dig the line and Terry Presley of Terry Presley Plumbing to lend his expertise and help gather the proper materials.

Saturday, August 27th, we gathered to complete the work. Steve made quick work of digging the ditch even after encountering solid rock a few feet from the house. The water line installation also went very smooth — we were able to add an additional outdoor hydrant. Benton County Water Authority even offered to come out on a Saturday to inspect the line and install the meter.

I would never have thought that we could have arrived at the property at 8 am and left with the project 100% complete by the end of the day. It couldn’t have happened without the work of Ben, Steve, Amy, Terry, and our good friends Alex Bell, Nick Rhoads, and Christian Vaught. I was truly amazed at each one of these people. When asked to help, all of them said YES before we could even finish the question.

The greatest part of the long, hot day occurred as we were wrapping up and Lisa told us that it was her birthday! Someone mentioned that we should have brought a cake, but Lisa said that getting water to her house was the best birthday present she could ever have received.

Just this past Friday, Ron and Lisa came back to Laundry Love Project with smiles from ear to ear, beaming about their new water service and reporting that it is working great. They expressed their gratitude numerous times at not having to haul buckets of water to their house.

Thanks again to everyone involved in making a huge difference in Ron and Lisa’s lives! This is truly an example of the people of Northwest Arkansas meeting needs among their own.

God Bless!

Greg & Amy

If you would like more info on how to participate in Laundry Love Rogers or any Laundry Love in Northwest Arkansas, please visit the Laundry Love initiative page for details or email LLP@CobblestoneProject.org.  Laundry Love is an initiative of Just One & operated in partnership with them.


Shear Kindness Helps Students Get Ready for First Day of School

Searching for relief from an unyielding economy and battling relentless heat for weeks on end make it difficult for anyone to think even leaving the house…much less about buying school supplies and spending a little extra for haircuts.

Every year, Samaritan Community Center offers relief to thousands of families before school starts by providing backpacks full of school supplies for kids of all ages.

Shear Kindness had the privilege of partnering to help connect local salons to provide free haircuts, making hundreds of kids feel special and look great for school.

We had the opportunity to talk with Chandra Ryan Perkins, one of the founders of Shear Kindness, to hear how the two day events went.

Stylists from salons all over Northwest Arkansas joined together to give out free smiles and free haircuts.

Here is what some of them had to say when asked “Why did you decide to come give haircuts for FREE today?”

“I love to help and give back when I can. It’s just so sweet to see the kids’ faces and to be able to help them out with a haircut to get them ready for school” – Aubrey Smith, Freshair

“I remember at the start of school always getting my hair cut and picking out my clothes for the first day. Everyone deserves that opportunity!” – Rachel Shannon, The Parlor

“Selfishly, I get such fulfillment from doing this. I look into those eyes and know there is so much behind them. I think the biggest part is realizing that I can give them just 5 minutes of time while I’m cutting their hair and make them feel so special.” – Martha Marie Lewis, The Parlor

What was the most meaningful part of today for you?

“Seeing the kids smile!”  Pam Krummick, Acropolis Salon & Day Spa

“When I’m in a salon everyday that’s always full, I forget sometimes that this is a luxury that not everyone gets.” Rachel Shannon, The Parlor

“Hearing a mom say she was afraid her son would be picked on because of his hair. It was nice to help set her at ease just by giving her son a haircut” Kim Warren, Acropolis Salon & Day Spa

“When I think about peoples needs, I think about food and clothes, but I don’t think about haircuts. I work everyday doing this, but don’t really realize how many kids need  a haircut. I’m happy to be able to use my skill to help out!”  Betty Cash, Freshair

We want to extend a special thank you to all of the salons that made Shear Kindness possible to include

Accents Salon
Acropolis Salon & Day Spa
The Beauty Station
Career Academy of Hair Design
Chandra Ryan Perkins Salon
Mirage Hair Salon
The Parlor
Pink by Julie
Reflections Salon
Salon Craze
Tammie Cavness
Urban Image

If you would like more information on Shear Kindness, please visit the initiative page or send an email to ShearKindness@CobblestoneProject.org & we’ll be in touch.