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The Farm Fall Broccoli

Fall Harvest Begins!

We are excited to share that this week we begin to harvest the first of our fall crops.  It’s been a tough year, but this Fall has been a gift from above.  We are expecting a full and bountiful crop for the next month.  For that we are truly thankful.

Weather permitting, we should be able to harvest until the first week in November.  However, if the weather changes, we will keep you updated on the end of year at the Cobblestone Project Farm and what that means for you.

It’s a beautiful time to be at The Farm, so we hope you and your family will have a chance to visit & join us for our Fall Harvest Celebration on Sat, Oct 22nd (click for more info).

Gary’s Weekly Update

Harvest Update

Thanks to you, we have been able to give away 46% of our total harvest this season to local relief in Northwest Arkansas! That is 3,017 pounds of produce. To date, we have harvested 6,586 pounds of produce.

In the last week we harvested 412.1 pounds, with 226 pounds of that going to Hunger Relief which we were able to give to Restoration Village and Samaritan Community Center.

Community Update

Last, but certainly not least, our Fall Harvest Party is coming up! Please join us on October 22nd from 4-8pm for a family-friendly event to celebrate the 2011 season at The Farm. This will be a time of fun and fellowship at The Farm, and will also be a time for the community to gather around what they have helped accomplish this season. We will have hayrides, kids’ activities, a bonfire, smores, and a showing of “The Great Pumpkin – Charlie Brown”.  Our pumpkin patch will also be open, and pumpkins and BBQ will be available for purchase.

(Click on image below for more information)

The Farm Cross Church 058

Rain, Mud & Community (The Farm Weekly Update)

With the temperatures in the the 70′s and 80′s the past two weeks, we can officially say Fall is here. We hope you and your family are in enjoying this weather as much as we are. With the cool nights, we are getting excited for our Fall Harvest Party in late October.

The Farm is beginning to come back to life, and the produce is looking great. The broccoli, cabbage, radishes, spinach, and bak choy is coming in nicely, and in just a few short weeks will begin harvesting.

A few weeks ago, we were able to give away our entire harvest for the week to our Hunger Relief Efforts. Local organizations such as Restoration villageSAMCC Cafe, and Central United Methodist received produce.

We are extremely grateful for the groups and organizations who continue to dedicate their time to The Farm. One of these groups from Cross Church- Fayetteville has been a huge support for our Saturday Planting & Maintenance Day.

Even when the weather was not great, they were there ready to participate in whatever was needed. We are reminded, with groups like these, how wonderful our community really is.

We love the energy groups like these bring to what we are doing. They continue to have a great attitude no matter the circumstance, and a little fun as well!

To date, we have harvested 6,174 pounds of produce. Of that, we have given away 2,791 pounds to our Hunger Relief Efforts. This would not be possible without the great community of Northwest Arkansas. We are extremely grateful for each of you!

For more information on The Farm or how you can become involved, please visit The Farm website or email TheFarm@CobblestoneProject.org

The Farm Weekly Update (Aug 20) 056

Fall Planting Full Speed Ahead (The Farm Weekly Update)

We are officially in Fall Planting mode and so far the weather is cooperative very nicely.  Temperatures have been much lower and that allows the delicate fall plants to take root without too much stress.

It’s truly hard to believe that we are thinking about fall, but with local schools back in session we know that this rhythm of life is continuing to move us forward.  There is a lot of work to be done at The Farm, and we are truly grateful for all of the people in the community who have helped out along the way.  We know we will have a thank you list a mile long once this season comes to a close.

Thankfully, things are starting to perk back up at The Farm; however, the affects of the Summer drought will remain for at least the next four plus weeks.

(Featured image courtesy of Novo Studio in Rogers)

Gary’s Weekly Update

Planting Update

Gary gave a pretty great update in his weekly video update; however, for the fall season to date we have planted over 500 broccoli plants, 200 cabbage plants as well as a lot of seeds for carrots, kale, and various salad mixes.  With good weather conditions, we should be able to start harvesting in 6 to 8 weeks.

We have a lot more plants to put in the ground and will continue planting over the next few weeks.  We’ll keep you updated.


Our community has been amazing to help, and we are truly grateful.  However, as school, soccer, football, and everything else under the sun begins again, we still are in need of people to lend a hand to ensure we can finish the year with the maximum benefit to the community.  So, if you’re able to join us, we’d love to have you spend a Friday evening or Saturday morning with us in the fields.

During this critical time of fall planting we have extended our Friday & Saturday planting times and you can find more information on our volunteer page.

Karen Graves showing off her okra & peppers from The Farm

We are thankful to our many Harvest Share subscribers who have invested so much into The Farm this year.  Special thanks to Karen Graves (at right), Harvest Share subscriber & Cobblestone Project Board Member, who is about to enjoy some fried okra and peppers from The Farm.

We are in the early stages of planning our Fall Harvest Party, so save the date for Saturday, October 22nd.  We’ll have all kinds of fun activities including the chance to pick your own pumpkins and enjoy the fruits of the season’s labor.  More information to come & if you would like to volunteer to help plan or prepare we’d love the extra hands.

Harvest & Hunger Relief Update

Harvest amounts this past week continue to be lowers due to loss of the corn & the July/August drought.  However, The Farm is still producing limited crops to include okra, some early melons, peppers, tomatoes, and purple hull peas.

This week we harvested 110 pounds of food from The Farm with 45 pounds going to hunger relief.  We have not distributed eggs yet this week towards hunger relief, but should have some out soon.

This brings our season to date harvest to exactly 5,265 pounds with 45% (or 2,379 pounds) of the total harvest being given to local hunger relief in Northwest Arkansas!

Additional, we have harvested 877 eggs this season and have been able to donate 40% of those eggs to local hunger relief.

2012 Season Planning

Cobblestone Project Green RoomWe are starting to build our list of projects and objectives for the 2012 season, and we’d love to hear from you.

This coming Tuesday, August 23rd at 6:30 pm, we will be hosting a special Cobblestone Project Green Room that will focus on The Farm.  You are invited to meet the many volunteers, Harvest Share subscribers, and The Farm Operations team to share your thoughts about what we may all accomplish together in 2012.  Don’t miss it!

Click here to RSVP for the Green Room.

The Farm Weekly Update…drought conditions!

No surprise, but it’s HOT outside. We haven’t had any significant rain in the past month, and it’s beginning to take it’s toll on The Farm. Unfortunately, the 10 day outlook doesn’t show much hope for rain either. We have been irrigating non-stop, but it’s been hard (& really expensive) to keep up with the water demands of the crops.

However, we are working hard to care for the crops in the ground and this past week we harvested almost 870 pounds of the freshest food in Northwest Arkansas to include: 584 lbs of Yukon Gold Potatoes, 99 lbs of Red Pontiac Potatoes, 14 lbs of Squash, 141 lbs of Cabbage, 2 lbs of Okra, 6 lbs of misc Peppers, 10 lbs of Green Beans and 14 lbs of Cucumbers, miscellaneous herbs and some flowers. Season to date we have harvested 2,395 lbs of food from The Farm.

Gary’s Weekly Update

Hunger Relief

This week your efforts at The Farm were able to deliver over 570 pounds of food (mostly potatoes) to Central United Methodist Church Community Feeding Program, Restoration Village & the Samaritan Community Center.

We had the opportunity to talk with Glenn Miller, Local Missions Director for Central United Methodist Church in Fayetteville to hear how this food could support their efforts to provide for our community.

Season to date, we have distributed 1,082 lbs (45% of total harvest) to local hunger relief efforts. We are incredibly thankful to all the volunteers, our sponsors & Harvest Share subscribers for making this happen.  As we harvest more potatoes, corn and tomatoes over the next month (after tough spring season) we will be able to significantly increase the percentage of food going to local hunger relief efforts.

Potatoes Harvest & Special Thanks to Williams Tractor

We continue to be so incredibly thankful to Williams Tractor in Fayetteville for providing us with the power & tools we’ve needed to make The Farm come to reality. We wanted to give a sneak peak of how this tractor is allowing us to significantly expand our ability to provide food to Northwest Arkansas.

You’re Invited to Participate

Yes, we work really hard at The Farm, but we also can’t deny that we have a lot of fun.  Maybe this will bring a little laughter to your day as we tried out our very own Hee Haw show one Friday Harvest Party. Community is very important to us & when we can serve together with friends and family, it is a beautiful day.

There are many ways that you can participate with the efforts of The Farm & we invite you to come out and see for yourself all that is taking place at The Farm.  We have regularly schedule service days posted on our volunteer page or send us an email (TheFarm@CobblestoneProject.org) and we can schedule a special time for your business, church or civic group to come out to The Farm.

If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved with The Farm, please visit the Volunteer Page for dates or email TheFarm@CobblestoneProject.org.

Shear Kindness Jan 2011 - 1

Shear Kindness at Restoration Village & Havenwood

Shear Kindness was at it again on Jan 17th and 18th teaming up with the Junior League of NW Arkansas to serve the women and children of Restoration Village and Havenwood.

The smiles say it all!!

It was amazing to hear the women open up so quickly and share glimpses of their life story as they got their hair cut. The whole “salon environment” even when it is created somewhere else just lends itself to conversations about life.

We love taking that opportunity to listen and to make those women and their sweet children feel beautiful and special.

A big “Thank You!” to stylists Michelle Fraker, Tammie Cavness and Chandra Perkins.

We hope to team up with Junior League again soon!

If you would like more information on either how to get involved in future Shear Kindness events or be the recipient of any event, please visit the Shear Kindness initiative page for more information.

point8 & The Garden cross paths at Restoration Village

…it was another great day at Restoration VillageChildren’s Advocacy Center.

the thunder of those bikes signaled that fast approaching company that was lending a helping hand as we were joined by the “Bikers Against Child Abuse“.  What an incredible crew that was united by the desire to make sure that “No Child Should Live in Fear.”

We took a few pictures to share…

After all had settled and the leaves were gathered in nice, neat piles…we heard the voices of children.  Children who knew what piles of leaves were for.

…and if the entire day’s work was done just to make a pile of leaves for the children to jump into, that was a great day.

We did have an unexpected surprise because as we were pulling out, the gathering & distribution team from The Garden initiative rolled in with couple hundred pounds of food.  I had the chance to grab a few minutes with Tyler Steele to hear about what he was up to that day and all the places they had visited.

Can’t express how incredible it was to see Tyler’s truck roll in and see that food (free food) go right to those who can use it to save a lot of money that is now able to be spent on the pursuit of their vision & mission…ending Child Abuse and provide a safe place for women & children during a crisis.

Not sure it get’s much bettter than this.  We’ll be back the second Saturday of December and you’re welcome to come an join in the fun.  You’re even welcome to jump into the leaves.

…to find out more about point8 activities or The Garden, please visit the initiative pages.

Easter Celebration @ Restoration Village

This past Saturday, we were granted the special gift of celebrating Easter with our beloved friends at Restoration Village.

There is something very symbolic about celebrating Easter at Restoration Village and it is easy to get lost in their story of working to restore lives to what they were intended to be. Not sure there’s much in life more meaningful than that…

It was beautiful day in the valley as Spring was beginning to show, the shine was shining and all you could hear was the sound of children playing…life as it was intended to be.

When you stop and pause for just a moment and just enjoy life like that…it brings peace. So, it really was a gift that we received in just being able to be there that day. And, thanks to the efforts of some incredible students a few weeks before, what was supposed to be our normal service day turned into just a time to relax.

A new tile floor for the Lodge @ Restoration Village, but is it really about the tile?

Another great day at Restoration Village as a group of volunteers took an extra Saturday to put in a new tile floor in the Lodge.

It’s impossible to capture all the stories of the incredible people who selfishly give of themselves and their time to lend a helping hand.  However, these are the types of stories that seem be show the essence of what the Cobblestone Project is trying to do.

This story started a few weeks ago (actually over Christmas break), when Ryan was at the Village doing a little painting.  In passing, it was mentioned that there was a need to put down a new tile floor in a bathroom that needed a little loving care.  As chance would have it (well maybe not chance), Ryan knew he could probably make a few phone calls to help.  A few weeks later, a new tile floor. 


All it took was one person with the determination and vision to see how they could help make a difference for good in thier community around them.  A few phone calls, a few good men willing to spend a few hours helping and it all came together.  While they spent time on their hands and needs pulling up old linoleum and glue, life is shared because they become part of a bigger story.  A story of restoration and hope in every woman and child that will call the Lodge home.

Not to be overlooked, the next day after the tile was set…David & Beverly (our heroes) set the grout and all was finished. 

It was a team effort and it is wonderful to see everyone pitch in.  I sent Garrison and Jack a note that night expressing thanks and how much everyone appreciated thier labor to which Garrison replied…”they deserve it.”  I don’t think anything could be more true.

Huge thanks to everyone who made this possible. 

  • Mark Wagner & Ryan Rusch of The Master’s Craft out of Bethel Heights for their expertise, coordination and dedication to make it all happen
  • Jack Ford & Garrison Roddey to spent some long hours on their hands and knees scraping old linoleum and glue off the floor and installing the tile.
  • Spring Creek Custom Machining for the use of the tools.
  • McGarrah Carpets for their generous donation of the tile.