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Laundry Love Springdale Update & Thank You to the Powers

After a year and a half leading Laundry Love Springdale, Jeff and Jennifer Powers will be following their calling in life to serve our community through the Samaritan House Fellowship.  We could never thank the Powers enough for their contribution to the Laundry Love effort & the impact that they have made in the lives of so many will be reflected in eternity.  They took the responsibility of beginning the Springdale Laundry Love efforts from the ground up and they have seen some incredible stories of life change take place over the past year and a half.

They will obviously be missed  at Laundry Love, but we are glad they aren’t going far.  We asked Jennifer to share a few thoughts on Laundry Love and their role over the past 18 months.

…written by Jennifer Powers


It’s been nearly 2 years since I first volunteered at the Laundry Love Project (LLP) in Rogers. That night a seed was planted and four months later, Jeff and I were launching LLP in Springdale.


At that time we were earnestly seeking God’s will for our lives and were preparing to sell our house and move away to where we felt God was calling us to do mission work.  As we prepared for this transition in our lives, we sensed God close the door and reassure us that it was merely a test of our obedience to Him.  Instead He opened our eyes to see the need in our own community; and thus, LLP Springdale was born.


We began LLP thinking we had something to offer.  Our mission was to bring hope and love to the under-resourced in our community; people who have to choose between having enough money to wash their clothes or enough money to put food on the table. What we didn’t realize is how much LLP would change us.


Through LLP, we had opportunities to meet and relate to people who might otherwise go unnoticed. We learned how to truly see people – to look past appearances, to learn the context of a person’s life, to offer hope, encouragement, and a helping hand. Through LLP God taught us lessons about unconditional love and demonstrated His promises to provide and equip.  After 1 ½ years with LLP, God has lead us to join Him in His work at Samaritan House Fellowship in Rogers. We are blessed to, now, be part of their youth ministries where we are leading Jr. High and High School students.


We are happy that LLP Springdale will continue under the leadership of Patrick and Lindsey Kelley through the Grove Church.

Again, we have been blessed by their contribution and our community is truly a better place because of them.  We can’t wait to hear the stories that will emerge in this new chapter of their life.

If you would like to learn more about Laundry Love and how you can serve through this incredible initiative, we invite you to visit the Laundry Love initiative page  or email LLP@CobblestoneProject.org.  Laundry Love is an initiative of Just One a non profit organization that was formed to stimulate greater global awareness about extreme poverty, and to provoke compassionate ideas and intelligent giving in order to provide sustainable relief.



“Present in the City” with Greg Russinger (Video & Connection Info)

A special thank you to all who shared “Present in the City” with us on March 14th.  It was a special evening to share with a community or people seeking encouragement & strength as we walk this road together.

Thank you to Seth Primm for sharing his gift of music with us to start things off.  Each initiative team had the opportunity to share the latest news and share some inspiring stories.  Thank you to those who truly make Cobblestone Project come alive.

We had the honor of sharing “Don’s Story” with those present with us.  Don is the first person to benefit from the Our Step initiative, and his story is a powerful one of hope.

We had a special guest all the way from Portland with us for “Present in the City.”  Greg Russinger, founding member of Just One, shared with us what it truly means to be present in our city.

If you missed the evening, we did record the evening, so please enjoy Greg’s words.

Coming Soon…click here to download the audio (mp3) recording of the Greg’s talk

During Greg’s time in NW Arkansas he had an opportunity to visit with Samaritan Community Center, Seven Hills Homeless Center, see the Cobblestone Project DC & first Fayetteville Laundry Love location and spend a little time in Fayetteville. 

We were also honored to have Josh Stolier from Portland and Just One Hub leaders Max Fincher (Dallas) and Andy Houltberg (Kansas City)

Thank you to the team from WeAreOverlooked.com who were present with us & who are supporting the “Our Step” initiative through their efforts.  When you purchase one of their “Homelessness t-shirts” a portion of the proceeds go to support finding housing for those without.

We do owe the biggest thank you for bringing us all together for the evening to Katelyn Graves.  She is truly our hero behind the scenes and we are so thankful for her continued efforts to support Cobblestone Project.  We could not do any of this with out her!

If you would like to find out more information on Cobblestone Project, any of the initiatives or volunteer to help, please visit our Cobblestone Project Home Page for more information.

“Present in the City”

We would like to invite everyone to a special gathering of the Cobblestone Project.  It will be an evening to pause, to celebrate and be a community that is present.

We are finding that being “Present in the City” may be one of the most difficult things to do; however, we know that loving and serving our Community begins with being present.

Our Guests

We have invited Greg & Michele Russinger to be our guests for the evening and share their story of what it means to be “Present in the City”.  Greg and Michelle are Founders of Just One and currently live in Portland with their two children.

Just One is a non profit organization that was formed to stimulate greater global awareness about extreme poverty, and to provoke compassionate ideas and intelligent giving in order to provide sustainable relief. Just One is a collective voice for the victims of social injustice––the one(s) living in geographical and situational poverty; the one(s) orphaned through death, disease and desertion; the one(s) trafficked into slavery throughout the world.

Just One is also responsible for the creation of Laundry Love, One Voice to End Slavery, A Trash Can can make a Difference, On Bike with Love and a number of other incredible initiatives.

Evening Details

(There is no charge for the evening; however, a roll of quarters or a box of laundry detergent would be accepted if you decided to bring one)