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It’s harvest time at The Farm!

This week we will begin the work of harvesting the first spring crops & begin food distribution to 2013 Subscribers and Hunger Relief efforts. We have come a long way (with the help of you) from this winter. We are excited about a new year at the Farm with new opportunities.

It’s a busy and exciting time at The Farm & the fruits of everyone’s labor is finally being seen.

The weather has not been ideal, but there is hopefully some warmer weather in the forecast for this week (and next) .


Our Amazing Community

Thanks to everyone that joined us the past couple of weeks at The Farm for maintenance and planting. We have been able to accomplish so much with the help of our amazing community.

We are especially thankful for Providence Academy who brought students, and Rogers First Church of the Nazarene for coming out in the last couple of weeks. Despite the chilly and damp environment  they were able to accomplish so much for us and have had fun in the process.


We are also thankful for one of our sponsors, Great Day Farms! Their sponsorship of the Poultry Project has brought healthy protein to people in need in our community. We are excited about a new fun project with them, to be announced very soon :)




As the Farm season continues, we have plenty of volunteer opportunities  We would love for you, your family, group, business, or church to come out and help “cultivate a community without need.” To sign up or schedule your group, please email morgan(@)cobblestoneproject.org



Production Update




While we have taken a hit from the cold nights and the rain, we are still starting to produce at The Farm. Thanks to the high tunnel and the green house, production this week will happen! We are going to start harvesting some of the lighter, leafy items this week. Lettuce, Spinach, Kale, Radishes, Collard Greens & Eggs are on the schedule!



The strawberries made it through the winter and are already producing flowers in the high tunnel. We can’t wait for you-pick fruit days this summer!



We had the privilege of planting the 150 blueberry plants las year that we received as a part of Project 7′s Save The Earth Campaign during Earth Day.  These blueberries will provide a great source of incredibly healthy food to our hunger relief efforts next year, so we are extremely thankful to our friends at Project 7 for their investment into the vision of The Farm.  And thanks to all of those who participated in their campaign, it’s fun to see the direct impact to our community based on your efforts. We are also using our rain barrels from Seven Hills as a way to irrigate our fruit and blueberries!



Our hens have started laying again, and we are excited to give out eggs in the next few weeks!




Hunger Relief

We are finalizing our plans for our Hunger Relief efforts for 2013. We still have openings for food donations for your church, organization, or food program. If you are interested in learning more, or receiving food please email farm(@)cobblestoneproject.org to apply.



 Sponsorship Opportunities

For 2013, we are excited to announce new sponsorship opportunities at The Farm. If your department or business would like to know more, please email katelyn(@)cobblestoneproject.org for more information and sponsorship packets.

Thanks again for helping “Cultivate a Community without Need”. We hope you will come and visit us down at The Farm. For more info or questions, feel free to email us at:


Farm Update for April

Farm Update


Wow! It is hard to believe it is already April 1st. The last few months have flown by at The Farm and our first harvest date is scheduled for this month. We have loved getting to meet new faces that have been to see us, and we are thankful for the faces we recognize that are back again.




We have 17 rows already planted! Some of things you should be expecting to see us harvest: peas, onions, radishes, lettuce, potatoes,  beets, turnips, broccoli, cabbage. We have started seedlings in our new Green House, and produce is already visible in the High Tunnel.






Jake, our new Farm Manager gave us a quick update of what is happening, so check it out!





We have started coordinating our Hunger Relief efforts with local organizations and are so thankful for what is happening in our community as it relates to Food Security. Check back with us as the First Harvest approaches & stories of truly amazing things happening in NWA continue.


Don’t forget our Volunteer Opportunities have started, so if you or your group wants to plan a volunteer day email us at farm@cobblestoneproject.org. We can’t wait to see you out at The Farm!

Help Portrait NWA

Our Community

A few weeks ago, Cobblestone was approached by a local family to hear about the needs in NWA. Rhonda Greenway  and her family were tired of the materialism around Christmas. She once heard that “the best antidote to materialism is giving.” She decided to do something about it. She challenged her family and friends to give for 30 days leading up to Christmas. Their family is intentionally giving of their time, talents, or money every day for 30 days. We were so honored when they asked to participate in Help Portrait last Saturday giving of their time and resources to help our community. We want to share her story today, as a bit of encouragement as we approach Christmas.


“Mark and I were privileged to be a part of Help Portrait on Saturday.  Actually, Mark was there most of the day but since I had gotten home at 1:30 am that morning from Garrett’s game, I was only there for a few hours.  I am so thankful for those few hours.  It was an amazing day of giving of time and talents.  We had never heard of Help Portrait until we decided to do 30 Days of Giving this year.  When I contacted Cobblestone to find out ways to get involved in the community, Help Portrait was one of the initiatives they support.The day started around 7:00 am with set up.  Families started arriving around 9:00 to get their pictures taken.  There were 10 photographers around the Root School cafeteria set up with lights and back drops.  Before the families had their picture made, they were taken to “Hair & Make-up”, where the Paul Mitchell Beauty School was all set up.  It was impressive.  They curled and styled hair and fixed make-up and even trimmed beards.  Then the families had a full photo shoot with one of the photographers.  After that, the family was served breakfast or lunch while their pictures were edited and printed.  The editing room had about 10 people on computers, several printers and an assembly line where the pictures were put into frames and bagged with the CD of all the pictures.  It was efficient!!  I only waited on my pictures for 20 minutes!!  My family was not even finished eating yet.  When I showed them their pictures the dad teared up.  The family I walked through with had lost all their pictures in the Johnson flood last year.  Another lady was there with the cutest little boy.  She said she was his grandma and his mom…..his mother had died during childbirth.  This was the first pictures they had taken together.I don’t know if I have ever been a part of something I enjoyed more.  There was not a lot of money or toys to be collected.  People just gave of their time and talent……cooking, editing, photography, organizing, doing hair and make-up, serving and more.  It was incredible.Each family left with a 5×7 framed picture, a 4×6 picture and a CD of all the pictures.  They also received a hygiene bag full of goodies.  Almost 300 people came to Help Portrait and left with a smile on their face from a very fun experience. ”



We are so thankful for the people of NWA who not only see need, but dedicate their lives to supporting and encouraging a solution to those needs. To read the rest of the Greenway’s blog, click here.


The 2012 Season is Officially Coming to an End

Wow! It is unbelievable that the end of the 2012 Farm Season is upon us. It seems as if we planted our seeds just last week. Although it was a hard production year, we learned so much about what our community is dedicated to; helping “cultivate a community without need.” We are looking forward to 2013 with a lot of anticipation.


The Farm has become a place of growth for over 1,200 people this year. Thank you to all  who have poured their time, sweat, and tears to volunteer for helping our community. We continue to be in awe of all who make Cobblestone what it is. Your dedication to us this season is one of the greatest assets to The Farm.
We look forward to the 2013 season!

Our Amazing Community

Once again, a “thank you” is not enough for your participation into what is happening at The Farm. We have loved getting to each and every one of you who has made it down to see us. Every family, group, and individual has left their handprint in the picture of what The Farm is working towards. The Farm team has worked tirelessly since May and we will now slow down a bit as the 2012 season closes. As the cold weather comes we will prepare for next season. We would love your input and suggestions as we start planning for next year.


(WalMart Finance Team helping during a planting and maintenance day)


(Fellowship College Ministry who came once a week during the summer)


Production Update

Production will begin to wind down as the weather continues to get cooler. We are planning on covering much of our land with a cover crop (Winter Wheat) until we begin to plant in the Spring. We are excited to continue use of the High Tunnel throughout the winter. The plan is grow a variety of greens and lettuces through the winter months. Continuing Hunger Relief during these months will bring added benefit to the local food programs, and hopefully help supplement what they are already doing. This will be the first time we are able to harvest past November, so keep on the lookout for more Farm updates!

At the end of the season , we have harvest 13, 063 pounds of produce with 7,181 pounds going to Hunger Relief efforts. We stand amazed and thankful for all you have done to help The Farm succeed during 2012. We look forward to a continued partnership as we move to 2013.




****We will begin selling subscriptions for the 2013 season by November 19th, so check back for more information and ways to get involved next year!


Thanks again for helping “Cultivate a Community without Need”. We hope you will come and visit us down at The Farm. For more info or questions, feel free to email us at:


Fall at The Farm

Wow! It is hard to believe we are half way through October. We are so thankful for such a great continuing Fall Harvest. We are looking forward to some more yummy Fall produce. Once most of the Fall crops have been planted and harvested we will plant our cover crop, winter wheat while we prepare for next year.


Once again we want to thank each individual for making this year possible. As you know, this year was a difficult one for us, and we are forever grateful for the continued support. As we begin to wind down the season, we will still have opportunities to volunteer.

Our Amazing Community


We are super thankful for everyone that joined us the past few weeks at The Farm for Harvest, planting, and maintenance.

We are especially thankful for the Upward Bound  group who brought 10 students out to The Farm last weekend. The helped harvest and process for the upcoming distribution.  They accomplished so much for us and truly moved the needle on our work to date at The Farm.

The students also collected eggs, and helped process them as well.


We are also excited about our project with the Marketing for Nonprofit’s Class at the University of Arkansas. We have loved getting to know these students, and hear their thoughts on ways to improve The Farm.



Production Update

The Fall harvest has been great, and we are still harvesting  broccoli, cabbage, radishes, spinach, and bak choy!

This week, we will harvest sugar snap peas and turnips!


 Currently to date, we have harvested  12,440 pounds with 7,087 pounds going to Hunger Relief efforts. We continue to collect TONS of eggs as part of our Poultry Project. We are so humbled by the ways our community engages with those in need. As we begin to plan for 2013, we will keep you posted on new events, opportunities and ways to help “cultivate a community without need.”



Thanks again for helping “Cultivate a Community without Need”. We hope you will come and visit us down at The Farm. For more info or questions, feel free to email us at:


Art in the Park- 6 Months!

Today’s post comes from Chloe Seal, initiative leader of 3 Bags in 2 Days. Art in the Park is a one-a-month event in Walker Park in South Fayetteville. We invite the under-resourced in our area to come to the park and to paint. We provide all the art supplies and serve dinner as well. People can come for a few hours and just be. People can come and let out whatever is going on in their lives and have a chance to freely express themselves through painting.


Tonight was so special. 6 months into Art in the Park and I couldn’t be any more in love. As if I’m not already borderline obsessed with it, tonight was something incredible. I can’t really put words to it or explain why it was so different. Every month it just seems to find it’s rhythm a little better and people start to feel truly welcome.


The best I can try to communicate about tonight would be the rich, deep community that could be felt. People came to paint and to eat, but the evidence of community and relationships could be felt by all. There was just a presence of calmness, trust, and abounding love. After all was said and done, a few of us looked at each other with the same thoughts of….wow. How on earth did Art in the Park come to be the way it was tonight? How did this incredible community come together in one place the way it did? How did art truly bring us all together?


I think this sense of community carried on through every avenue. People’s canvases seemed more vibrant than usual. The food seemed extra yummy. People clapped and cheered even when someone else won the duffle bag in the raffle. People helped each other get more paint or carry their stuff to the table. People laughed louder than ever. People encouraged others more than usual. New friendships were formed. 150 canvases were made beautiful. 120 lives changed. 120 people were just able to love and be loved. 


It was the best example of community that I have ever seen. Truly putting others first in a way that I have never witnessed before. A random, broken, overlooked, ragged and simply beautiful group of misfits (myself included) has taught me more about life and people that I could have ever imagined.



Fall is here!

With temperatures in the 70′s and 80′s the past couple of weeks, it is safe to say Fall is here! We hope you are enjoying the weather as much as we are. We are excited about the Fall Season, as we look back to the summer that we had, we continue to be grateful for what was accomplished.  It seems that The Farm is coming back to life, and the produce is looking great!


Our Amazing Community


We are extremely grateful for the groups and organizations who continue to dedicate their time to The Farm. We are also grateful for our Farm Team who keeps the experience alive, and work harder than you can imagine. Recently, Jeff Melton, Farmer’s Market Coordinator spoke about the idea of Redefining CSA, and we would love for you to hear his thoughts.

“When people approach me at the Bentonville Farmers’ Market and ask, “So, what is The Farm?”, I usually ask them if they’re familiar with what a CSA is. The Farm, I tell folks who are familiar with the acronym, is “CSA plus community outreach”.

I realized this morning that The Farm is really a much better example of community-supported agriculture than most other entities that use the description. We are supported, not only by our subscribers, but by churches, schools, global corporations and other non-profits based in Northwest Arkansas, all of which realize that a community is only as strong as its weakest members. Because of that, what we do might better be called Community-Supporting Agriculture.

All of these Friends of the Farm join with us in “cultivating a community without need”. Thanks to all who help make The Farm what it is!”



Also, thanks to the WalMart Finance team for helping during our Planting & Maintenance Day. They brought over 40 volunteers and were able to help further our Fall planting and harvesting!


We also had fun planting broccoli with Grace Hills Church during their NWA Service weekend. We love the energy groups like these bring to what we are doing. They continue to have a great attitude no matter the circumstance, and a little fun as well!


Production Update

We still have a few weeks before we begin Fall Harvest, and we are anticipating a great Fall crop. The lettuce has come in nicely, as well as the peas and sweet potatoes. We will also be harvesting  broccoli, cabbage, radishes, spinach, and bak choy !

 Currently to date, we have harvest 11,660 pounds with 6,785 going to Hunger Relief efforts. We have also collected    TONS of eggs as part of our Poultry Project. Last week, the Farm was excited to donate 24 pounds of spring mix lettuce to the community meal at St. Pauls Episcopal Church in Fayetteville.


Thanks again for helping “Cultivate a Community without Need”. We hope you will come and visit us down at The Farm. For more info or questions, feel free to email us at:


Transitioning to Fall


We are starting to transition to Fall Planting mode and so far the weather has been great. Temperatures have been much lower and that allows the fall plants to grow in nicely.

It is hard to believe that we are thinking about fall, but with schools back in we know that Fall is fast approaching. There is a lot of work to be done at The Farm, and we are truly grateful for all of the people in the community who have helped out along the way.

Thankfully, things are starting to come back to life at The Farm; however, the affects of the Summer drought and heat will remain for at least the next few weeks. We are still grateful for the recent rains that have brought much needed relief to our plants.


Our Amazing Community


Our community has continued to amaze us, and we are truly grateful. We know as school, soccer, football, and everything else begins, time becomes precious. We are still in need of people to lend a hand to make sure we can finish our year strong. So, if you’re able to spread the word about opportunities to serve at The Farm, we would be very grateful.

We loved having students from the youth ministry and Central United Methodist Church in Rogers.
They learned how to harvest green beans and field peas. They collected four lugs of beans that will go to local hunger relief efforts!

We are also thankful for Fayetteville’s Youth Wrestling Team who helped plant fall veggies.

Production Update

For the fall season to we have planted  broccoli plants, cabbage plants as well as various salad mixes with much more to come!

We have a lot more plants to put in the ground and will continue planting over the next few weeks. We’ll keep you updated, but so far all is on track.

The Farm is still producing limited crops including okra, peppers, tomatoes, and  peas. This is due to the drought and heat this summer. We appreciate your grace and understanding during this time.

Our season to date harvest is exactly 10,025 pounds with 57% (or 5,946 pounds) of the total harvest being given to local hunger relief in Northwest Arkansas!




Thanks again for helping “Cultivate a Community without Need”. We hope you will come and visit us down at The Farm. For more info or questions, feel free to email us at:


Down at the Farm!

It’s hard to believe July is almost over. The heat over the past month and a half has been hard on all of NW Arkansas, and we are so grateful that we still have produce. That is a true testament of our community and our hard working farm team.

We’ve come a long way this season, and we are still seeing the fruit of our community’s labor. We continue to be thankful of everyone who has made this Farm season possible.


Our Amazing Community

Thanks to everyone that joined us the past couple of weeks at The Farm for maintenance and harvesting.

We are especially thankful for Fellowship Bible Church College Ministry who have brought students out every week, despite the heat and drought. They continue to accomplish so much for us and have had fun in the process.



We loved having student Farmers from Owl Creek out to the Farm last week. They helped harvest potatoes, tomatoes, and other produce. We had around 60 students participate  in learning about The Farm, and they were hard workers as well!


We are also thankful for the group from Harbor Church in Springdale who came out this weekend. They harvested tomatoes, peppers, and watermelon.



Production Update

While we have taken a hit from the heat and lack of rain, we are still producing at The Farm. The corn has had a hard time growing, along with the Sunflowers and lettuces. Recently we have harvested okra, potatoes, onions, watermelon and plenty of tomatoes.



We have harvested 8,454 pounds of produce so far this season. Of that,  5,137 pounds have gone to hunger relief and local food pantries around Northwest Arkansas such as Life Source, Samaritan Community Center, and the NW Arkansas Women’s Shelter.




Thanks again for helping “Cultivate a Community without Need”. We hope you will come and visit us down at The Farm. For more info or questions, feel free to email us at:


July at The Farm

It is hard to believe that July is already here.  It has been a hot couple of weeks, but this weekend’s rain provided the relief our plants have needed. We have had a blast with the volunteers who have continuously worked hard to help our community.

Our Amazing Community

We continue to me amazed by all of our volunteers. The hard work and dedication is evident in the harvest. We have had over 400 different volunteers at The Farm, and have loved getting to know each one of you.



Production Update

Summer is in full swing and we are continuing to be blessed by a bountiful crop. In the last couple of weeks we have harvested tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, okra, radishes, potatoes, beans, peppers, and herbs. We are thankful the hens have started laying and we now have eggs! We will continue to harvest our Summer crops and in the next few weeks begin to plant for our Fall Harvest.

We have currently harvested 4,677 pounds of produce with 50% going to hunger relief. We continue to need volunteers, so bring your friends, family or office down to see us!


Hunger Relief

Hunger Relief distribution is underway. To date we have given away 2,322 pounds of food to local food programs and Non-Profits. Samaritan Community Center ,  NW Arkansas Women’s Shelter , Central United Methodist and LifeSource International.  We have also redeemed giftcards, and are grateful to our community for helping feed the hungry in our area.

Today we are dontating potatoes, tomatoes, and cabbage to St. Paul’s Episcopal, Central United Methodist, and LifeSource. Our team was up early harvesting and processing the produce.


Volunteer Opportunities

It’s a great time to be at The Farm, check our calendar for opportunities to bring your family and enjoy the day.