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..the Our Step program has been quietly moving forward over the past year, and this month we have the unique privilege of being able to share publicly Curtis’s story of hope.

Curtis is the 7th Our Step candidate to enter the program & it is a true honor to come alongside him during this season of his life to watch his story of hope come to life.  Curtis now has a job at the Samaritan Thrift Shop, a place to call home through Our Step, and most importantly a new outlook on life.

Our Step is a collaborative housing initiative started by Seven Hills Homeless Shelter, Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter, Samaritan Community Center, the University of Arkansas Community & Family Institute and the Cobblestone Project to provide people and families a point for breaking the cycle of homelessness and domestic violence by eliminating the initial costs to secure affordable housing.

For more information on the Our Step program, please visit the Our Step initiative page for more information.  If you would like to become involved in assisting current or future Our Step families, please send an email to OurStep@CobblestoneProject.org.  You may also donate to help more people like Curtis once again gain independence, security, and dignity.

Shear Kindess Updates & Thoughts (from Chandra Perkins)

From Chandra…

When we first started Shear Kindness in Aug of 2008, we had the idea of getting one salon committed to serving one location in need regularly. Now almost a year and a half later Mia Bella has sucessfully been serving and building relationships with the children and women at Restoration Village. As we continue those relationships, it is also our goal to branch out by connecting other salons in the area with others in need to serve them on a regular basis.

We also have many other long term goals and some one hit wonders on the drawing board. Right now we have so many people who could benefit from our gifts and services, just not enough stylists yet committed to serving on a more regular basis.

Some of projects we are working on currently are…

  • Our main Shear Kindness events that we do quarterly for the women and children of Restoration Village.
  • The iPROMise event held at Prom time which enables girls who cannot afford to go prom or pay for the things that are involved with going to prom, such as dress, make-up, hair, dinner, tickets.
  • Teaming up with Laundry Love. I started a few months a go going to Rogers Laundry Love and setting up a chair and cutting kids hair at this event.  Next we would love to have one stylist at each Laundry love location in Northwest Arkansas to meet the needs in different areas!
  • Once a year before schools starts we participate in an event called Kids Blitz at The Samaritan Center & United Way. We bring stylist in to cut the kids hair for school.
  • Another event on the table is called Cuts for Community, where one day several salons will raise money for Shear Kindness.  A portion of a whole days earnings will go to help families who ordinarily cant afford to pay for their kids to have professional haircuts, and help women from abused situations get their hair done as well.

So, that’s what is currently in the works, and we would love for anyone interested in getting involved to let us know so we can chat.

Chandra Perkins

For more information on how to get involved, please visit the Shear Kindness initiative page or send an email to ShearKindness@CobblestoneProject.org

…reflections on Shear Kindness

We had the opportunity to sit and chat with Chandra Perkins, the owner of Mia Bella Salon in Bentonville and founding partner of Shear Kindness, to hear her story and reflections on the initiative she and Brittney Moore created as a way to serve those in need.

Shear Kindness started in Aug of 2008 (click for story), and was created as a way of providing professional salon treatment to women and children who are in a crisis time of their lives, specifically those who come from backgrounds of abuse and neglect.

Listen in…

Shear Kindness started with a haircut but it has become about so much more.  Through this idea people are acting with the hope of becoming a part of the healing process through the restoration of outer beauty.  However, the true motivation is the desire to restore the inner beauty and to reveal the greater image that lives within us all.

One year later, Shear Kindness is now moving forward thanks to many stylists just like Chandra, countless volunteers and gracious supports.  It’s a total team effort and we look forward to sharing their stories in the months to come.

For more information on how to get involved in Shear Kindness, you may visit the Initiative page or send an email to ShearKindness@CobblestoneProject.org.