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Thankful for the Rain!

It’s been a hot and dry early summer, but the recent rains have provide some much needed relief to our crops.  We received almost three inches over the past few weeks and it should provide a nice boost to current production.

Our Amazing Community

Huge thanks to those who came out to The Farm over the Memorial Day weekend to help pick blueberries, plant peanuts, and just enjoy the day. Also, thanks to Fellowship College who came out and help this past weekend and helped harvest blackberries and onions!

Production Update

The past few weeks at The Farm have seen a flurry of activity as the summer crops are starting to come in strong.

We have a whole lot in the ground and planted peanuts, corn, and much more.We harvested around 15 pounds of blackberries this week, along with cabbage, peppers, and snap peas.

We are excited to share that the hens have started laying eggs! We collected 5 eggs this week, and are expecting many more throughout the summer.

Hunger Relief

We have begun hunger relief distribution & we were excited to deliver some of our first crops to Samaritan Community Center & NW Arkansas Women’s Shelter.

We have planned to give some of our heavier produce such as tomatoes and potatoes to Hunger Relief efforts. They will begin to pick up and occur during the week if anyone wants to help with mid-week harvest and preparation for hunger relief.

Volunteer Opportunities

It’s a great time to be at The Farm, check our calendar for opportunities to bring your family and enjoy the day.


Full Speed Ahead

Seeds are in the ground and we are full speed ahead for the 2012 season!!!

We have come a long way in the past year but this past week has seen a flurry of activity not to mention some incredible weather (let’s hope this is how it’s going to be all year).  This past week we’ve finished the framing of the hoop house, trellis system for the blackberries, prepared the ground with fertilizer (courtesy of Autumn’s ReRide Youth Ranch), and prepared the floor for the produce processing barn.  This time last year we were just breaking ground, but this year we have seeds going in the ground.  That gives a huge advantage and extended season compared to last year.

We are so thankful for the ground of dedicated hunger warriors who braved the cold on Saturday morning to put over 300 pounds of potato “seeds” in the ground.  This includes Irish Potatoes, Yukon Gold, Red Lasoda, Kennebec and 3 kinds of fingerling potatoes.  That’s just amazing and those efforts will provide an incredible amount of potatoes that will be a stable crop for distribution towards hunger relief in a couple of months.

Here are some of the stories & updates from last week so you can follow along.

Gary’s Update

Faces of The Farm

Huge thank you to everyone who helped on Friday and Saturday!  You’re amazing.

For more info on how you can help at The Farm, please check our Volunteer/Events page or email TheFarm@CobblestoneProject.org


NW Arkansas Community Fact Sheet: Hope 2011

Hope 2011: 3rd Annual Community Service -Focused Event for Northwest Arkansas

Northwest Arkansas Social Indicators Community Fact Sheet

by Kevin M. Fitzpatrick, Ph.D, Emily Hallgren, B.A. and Don Willis, B.A. Community and Family Institute, University of Arkansas

Who Participated and Where Are They Living?

On October 25, 2011 a one-stop service provision event took place in Fayetteville, AR. HOPE 2011, designed to serve those in need throughout the NWA region, was sponsored in partnership with the VA, United Way of NWA, 7Hills Homeless Center, and Central United Methodist Church.

Besides services for veterans, a range of other services were provided to all participants including: blood pressure/glucose, BMI screenings, eye exams, dental screenings, haircuts, legal aid, massages, etc. A lunch was provided through Community Meals at Central United Methodist, and the majority of participants received a bag of donated groceries, and personal hygiene items provided by 3 Bags in 2 days.

(to read full report, please follow this link)



HOPE NWA 2011…grace

On Tuesday of last week we had the distinct privilege of serving alongside some amazing NW Arkansas organizations and incredible people to participate in HOPE NWA 2011.  Final numbers will be released soon, but we are told that over 350 families/people were served during the one day resource event held at Central United Methodist Church in Fayetteville.

HOPE NWA 2011 began 3 years ago by Dr. Kevin Fitzpatrick, Professor and Jones Chair in Community Director, Community and Family Institute, and it is incredible to see how the community has come alongside to support those in need.

We had the opportunity to talk briefly with…

Chloe Seal, 3 Bags in 2 Days

During the bag distribution, Chloe also asked people to share their thoughts on the one thing they wanted the world to know about them.  Truly beautiful to see the hope that was present in those words.

Brittney Moore of Shear Kindness & O’Shay, Owner of Black Sheep Salon

This event would not have been possible with all the incredible people behind the scenes who helped make it happen.  It’s just another example of how incredible our NW Arkansas community is and the lengths they will go to to help those in need.

If you would like more information on how you can participate with 3 Bags in 2 Days or Shear Kindness, please visit their initiative pages for more information

The Farm Owl Creek 056

Winter’s Approaching (The Farm Weekly Update)

It’s hard to believe that the 2011 Farm season is slowing beginning to come to an end.  It’s been an incredible Fall season and we truly the recipients of many blessings as we are celebrating bountiful harvest over the past few weeks.

The season isn’t over yet, but we were overwhelmed last week when we realized we’ve had over 1,000 different people come and serve at The Farm this season.  We are humbled, honored and encouraged to live in such an incredible community that has chosen to invest their time with us.  Words fail so we simply say thank you!

The Farm Weekly Update

Our Amazing Community

We had an opportunity to host Owl Creek Elementary School’s Garden Club at The Farm & they were an amazing group of students who made a beautiful day even better.

We are thankful for a group from Central United Methodist Church in Fayetteville for serving at The Farm.  We had opportunity to hear a little of their story before the day got started.

We are thank to the staff at Fellowship Bible Church for continuing their work on our Pole Barn that will serve to hold all of our produce processing stations, increased cold storage, and some much needed shade in the summer.

Harvest & Hunger Relief

Harvest amounts continue to look great with bountiful harvests each week thanks to perfect fall weather conditions.

Season to date harvest to exactly 7,468 pounds with 47% (or 3,491 pounds) of the total harvest being given to local hunger relief in Northwest Arkansas!

This past week we were able to send food to St. Paul’s Episcopal and Meals on Wheels, Central United Methodist Church Community Meal Program and the NW Arkansas Women’s Shelter



Veterans, homeless, and those in need in Northwest Arkansas will be served at HOPE NWA 2011 resource event.  This event will provide free medical, vision, dental screening, haircuts, clothing, groceries, legal advice, and Veteran’s services.

We are excited to be participating with the community to serve our community & we are excited that InvisiblePeople.tv Founder, Mark Horvath, will be returning to NW Arkansas to serve with us.  Mark has been an incredible friend to our community beginning at our 2009 “1,287 Stand Up & Be Counted Homeless Awareness Rally“.  Mark has help bring awareness & understanding to the story and the faces of those in need in our community & we glad to have him return this year to serve our community.

There are many ways you can help…

Please contact Kevin Fitzpatrick, kfitzpa@uark.edu for more information on other ways to help.

Come join us in serving our community!

The Farm Weekly Update…drought conditions!

No surprise, but it’s HOT outside. We haven’t had any significant rain in the past month, and it’s beginning to take it’s toll on The Farm. Unfortunately, the 10 day outlook doesn’t show much hope for rain either. We have been irrigating non-stop, but it’s been hard (& really expensive) to keep up with the water demands of the crops.

However, we are working hard to care for the crops in the ground and this past week we harvested almost 870 pounds of the freshest food in Northwest Arkansas to include: 584 lbs of Yukon Gold Potatoes, 99 lbs of Red Pontiac Potatoes, 14 lbs of Squash, 141 lbs of Cabbage, 2 lbs of Okra, 6 lbs of misc Peppers, 10 lbs of Green Beans and 14 lbs of Cucumbers, miscellaneous herbs and some flowers. Season to date we have harvested 2,395 lbs of food from The Farm.

Gary’s Weekly Update

Hunger Relief

This week your efforts at The Farm were able to deliver over 570 pounds of food (mostly potatoes) to Central United Methodist Church Community Feeding Program, Restoration Village & the Samaritan Community Center.

We had the opportunity to talk with Glenn Miller, Local Missions Director for Central United Methodist Church in Fayetteville to hear how this food could support their efforts to provide for our community.

Season to date, we have distributed 1,082 lbs (45% of total harvest) to local hunger relief efforts. We are incredibly thankful to all the volunteers, our sponsors & Harvest Share subscribers for making this happen.  As we harvest more potatoes, corn and tomatoes over the next month (after tough spring season) we will be able to significantly increase the percentage of food going to local hunger relief efforts.

Potatoes Harvest & Special Thanks to Williams Tractor

We continue to be so incredibly thankful to Williams Tractor in Fayetteville for providing us with the power & tools we’ve needed to make The Farm come to reality. We wanted to give a sneak peak of how this tractor is allowing us to significantly expand our ability to provide food to Northwest Arkansas.

You’re Invited to Participate

Yes, we work really hard at The Farm, but we also can’t deny that we have a lot of fun.  Maybe this will bring a little laughter to your day as we tried out our very own Hee Haw show one Friday Harvest Party. Community is very important to us & when we can serve together with friends and family, it is a beautiful day.

There are many ways that you can participate with the efforts of The Farm & we invite you to come out and see for yourself all that is taking place at The Farm.  We have regularly schedule service days posted on our volunteer page or send us an email (TheFarm@CobblestoneProject.org) and we can schedule a special time for your business, church or civic group to come out to The Farm.

If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved with The Farm, please visit the Volunteer Page for dates or email TheFarm@CobblestoneProject.org.

This week at The Farm

Summer officially begins this coming weekend, and no surprise to anyone that this Spring has had its challenges. However, we have learned much and have been making adjustments along the way to make the most of this summer production.

We were able to accomplish a whole lot this week including planting another 12 rows of corn, some much needed maintenance on our squash & okra crops, and pruning of our first round of 200 tomato plants.

Harvest for week of June 20th – 571 lbs & Season to Date (5 weeks) – 1,531 lbs with hunger relief Donations to Samaritan Community Center & Central United Methodist Church Fayetteville Community Meals Program

Gary’s weekly update

KLRC at The Farm

It was a true gift to be chosen as the focus community initiative by KLRC & we have had an incredible increase in not only interest in The Farm, but also a lot more volunteers during a time we really need the help.

Last Friday, Keri, Kalynn & Jeremy came out to visit and help with the Harvest & we had an opportunity to hear their impressions of The Farm.

Faces of The Farm – Anita Rausch

Anita has been with The Farm from the very beginning & we are truly grateful for all that she has given to make The Farm a reality. She quietly serves almost every week asking for nothing in return but a smile.  Thank you Anita!  You are a gift to so many.

Friends from SVI

We have had the privilege of working with the team from SVI on a pilot plot program to see if The Farm can serve to accomplish both our primary goals as well as the goals of building community within this incredible company in NW Arkansas.

We had an opportunity to talk with Michelle from SVI to hear about their experience so far.

If you would like to participate with The Farm, we invite you to join us every Friday and Saturday for our open volunteer days. However, at this time of the year there is always something to be done at The Farm. For more information, please visit The Farm volunteer page or email Farm@CobblestoneProject.org