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Celebrating Earth Day with Project 7

Thursday, April 19th is Earth Day & the Cobblestone Project is partnering with Project 7 to “Save the Earth” by planting fruit trees that will provide food for families in Northwest Arkansas.

Project 7 has teamed up with Walmart, Caribou Coffee, and other retailers to plant 2 million fruit trees back into the earth through the sale of their “Save the Earth” products.

2 million trees that will combat deforestation, fight erosion, provide oxygen, add moisture to the air, and provide food for families.

The great news is that some of those fruit “trees” will be donated to the Cobblestone Project Farm in Fayetteville to help in our Northwest Arkansas Community!

This week for every new “like” on Project 7′s Facebook page and every new follower on Project 7′s Twitter account, they will donate additional funds to one of their “Save the Earth” partners and plant more trees.

The Impact

The great news is that some of those fruit “trees” will be donated to the Cobblestone Project Farm in Fayetteville to help in our Northwest Arkansas Community!

Project 7 will be providing approximately 150 blueberry bushes or two 300 foot rows of blueberries to The Farm.  That’s a whole lot of blueberries!!!

These blueberries will provide much needed fruit that will be directed towards feeding families at risk for food insecurity in our community for years to come.

And as an added bonus, blueberries have many nutritional benefits that include being packed with Vitamin C, high in dietary fiber, and leading fruit in antioxidant.

How You Can Help

To help provide those blueberry bushes to The Farm, we would ask that you “like” Project 7 on Facebook and/or follow Project 7 on Twitter.

We will be working with Project 7 over the next few weeks to plant those blueberry bushes at The Farm, so there are also opportunities to come out to The Farm to help put them in the ground (more info coming).

You can also share this with your friends with a simple post like…

Twitter:  In honor of #EarthDay, @Project7 will plant a tree back into the earth for every new twitter follower & facebook like. Let’s #SaveTheEarth!

Facebook: Our friends at Project 7 will plant a tree back into the earth for every new twitter “follower” and Facebook “like.” Go like and share!

About Project 7

Project 7 exists to do good around the globe. They make everyday products like bottled water, gum, mints and coffee that give back to seven areas of good.

Purchases Feed the HungryHeal the SickHope for PeaceHouse the HomelessQuench the ThirstyTeach them Well and Save the Earth.

Check them out at Project7.com.

Cobblestone Project

January Cobblestone Project Update


The Farm

The 2011 season for The Farm is underway!

It is hard to believe the opportunities that have presented themselves over the past few months and we are truly excited about what is ahead.

We are excited to announce that the Cobblestone Project Farm is moving to FayettevilleNew Heights Church in Fayetteville has graciously donated the use of 10 acres of their land in West Fayetteville to be the new home of the farm.


This move will greatly expand the scope of The Farm to include:  expanded food production capacity, work share programs to create commerce & jobs, agricultural education partnerships & a large increas

e in the ability to serve the under-resourced all over NW Arkansas.  We are extremely grateful to the people of New Heights Church for their vision.  We could not dream this big without your vision, and we are looking forward to this new partnership.

There will be a Farm volunteer information & orientation luncheon on Saturday, February 19th from 10 am to 12 pm in Fayetteville (lunch will be provided).  Please register to attend (location information on Volunteer Hub).

Opportunities to volunteer at The Farm will start in March, and those dates will be available soon.  We would ask that you consider attending on Feb 19th as it will provide a broad overview of production plans and volunteer roles.



This past year we were incredible blessed by a member of the community who graciously helped start the D.C. initiative.  As a result, the back of house engine that is needed to support many of the Cobblestone Project initiatives was able to drive so many things behind the scenes.  This includes a home for 3 Bags in

2 Day, support for the 5 Our Step families that were placed in homes this past year, Laundry Love prep & staging as well as some of our Green Rooms and gatherings.  As a result of the DC, we have seen a new level of capabilities and effectiveness throughout all of our initiatives.


So, in order to fully support the continued development of the various initiatives, the DC will be following the Farm to Fayetteville.  It will be located very close to the Farm site and be able to serve in a new capacity of processing the harvest, cold storage, etc.

The new D.C. will take a lot of effort to get it up to the level we need to support our requirements, so there are some electrical, plumbing and cleaning needs if any groups are able to help.  Given a little elbow grease, the DC will be a perfect new home.

If you would like to help with bringing the D.C. up to speed, please send an email to DC@cobblestoneproject.org or watch the Volunteer Hub for staged volunteer days.


!dea Camp: Orphan Care

We are pleased to be a supporting organization bringing The Idea Camp to Northwest Arkansas.

The Idea Camp is a collaborative movement of idea-makers who facilitate hybrid conferences and develop resources for people who desire to move ideas towards implementation. Facilitated by a growing collective of innovative thinkers and practitioners from numerous disciplines, participants gather around topics of interest to encourage & inspire one another, share practical wisdom from the field, and develop viable networks for idea-making.


The upcoming Idea Camp (Feb 25th & 26th in NW Arkansas) is focusing on the subject of Orphan Care. It will facilitate fresh, honest and transformative conversations with leading thinkers and practitioners on topics including US & International care, community development, trafficking of orphans, adoption, foster care, child sponsorship, HIV/AIDS, special needs, cross-cultural & religious dynamics to care, and many more. The desire is to live life as God’s loving expressions of grace and hope to our world through tangible acts of care for orphans.

There will be balance conversation between Int

ernationl & US needs for orphans, foster care, mentoring and preventive care.  In fact, many local NW Arkansas organizations will be presenting include 99 Balloon, The C.A.L.L, NW Arkansas Women’s Shelter, Keypoint Church, Titus Task, Potter’s House, Central United Methodist Church, Cobblestone Project and Mike & Susan Duke will be sharing their experience as Child Advocates.

For more information, and to register, visit https://www.theideacamp.com/.



In Closing

Thank you to everyone that gives unceasingly to serve our community.  You are the heroes & we could not be more grateful to live in a community like NW Arkansas

Take Care,

The Cobblestone Project

“Aggressively Pursuing a Community Without Need”


Click to Download Cobblestone Project January 2011

click document icon to download a printable version of the Cobblestone Project January 2011 Update

the Incredible Hearts of Bella Vista…

On Sept 12th, Sue Rowen, Pat Okeson, Mary Middleton and Jan Horswell represented Cobblestone Project at the Bella Vista Community Outreach Fair and it was beautiful. Browse a few pictures and then read on…

…we are honored and humbled by the incredible actions of these incredible ladies. Their hearts and actions are moving communities to love unconditionally and serve our neighbors in need. Truly inspiring.

At the fair these ladies showcased the various initiatives to include Shear Kindness, Laundry Love Project, Our Step and the Harvest feeding program with World Garden in Bentonville. They shared the needs to support both World Garden’s efforts and the needs to help the Our Step program such as household items, furniture, etc. And, it’s incredible because we are already seeing the benefit with people coming forward with items to give away through these initiatives!

We are so deeply grateful to these ladies for what they did, and we know without a shadow of a doubt that what is ahead is going to be incredible. We are deeply indebted and so thankful that they have come alongside to be a part of “building a Community without Need”.

When a “Good Neighbor Food Drive” Becomes More About the “Good Neighbor” than the “Food Drive”…

Below is a story from a Bella Vista neighborhood on part of their experience during their Good Neighbor Food Drive (story told from their perspective)…

Before the food drive, we were walking the neighborhood to put notices on the door and one of our neighbors was already prepared and waiting for us with eight or so bags already filled

He started to carry the bags out to our car, and I got out to help open the trunk.

I said to him, “this is great, you out did yourself. This is so much more than we had hoped for.”

He just looked back at me and said, “Well, I won’t be needing all of this since I lost my wife.”

“When?”, I asked.

“Two days ago”, he replied.

Tears filled both of our eyes as we had not heard the news, so we just stood there and just hugged.

He shared with us that she had gone blind the last few months, and had been having trouble with her heart. She required an operation that was considered very high risk, and she did not come out of the surgery two days ago.

This couple had only lived in our neighborhood a couple of years. We did not know them very well, and they had no family here. He had been her only care giver, but today our role was to stand there with him and let him know we cared.

After we left, we started calling the other neighbors to share the need. The neighborhood began to rally and meals were arraigned for him, people came to visit so he was not alone during this period. The visitation for his wife was on Sunday, and the neighborhood came to show their support.

As the neighbors started showing up and surrounded him, he said “So this is what they call Southern Hospitality. We would have never seen this where we came from.”

We now have someone we can love and support during their time of need and he is not alone.

Amazing story!

And don’t forget, this group gathered over 2,900 lbs of food that was donated to the Samaritan Community Center!

You can see them in action in the last few minutes of this video