Spring Harvest Approaches

The Farm is quickly approaching our spring harvest period & with another great week of weather forecasted we plan to begin harvesting the middle of next week!

We have been a flurry of activity as April & May are truly some of our busiest months of the season.  We’ve been sharing our story, planting, installing final pieces for harvest and produce processing, building new buildings, and dodging the rain. However, you can see the hope and joy in the Farm team’s eyes even if there are a bit dirty.

Thank you for all of the encouragement and help that have been given.  We have some beautiful stories to share this week.


Energy Corps

We had the privilege of having the Arkansas Energy Corps at The Farm to establish a composting system that will hopefully serve as a West Fayetteville site for the community to drop off organic materials.  It should be a great service to the community and a great service to The Farm.  Truly thankful for the Energy Corps and especially for Gary and Hannah who also serve as Arkansas Energy Corps members.

Fayetteville Public Library “Green Series”

Last week the Fayetteville Public Library hosted an informational series on home gardening & canning at Hannah Campbell was asked to participate.

(photo credit:  Grace Gude)

Hannah spoke about efficient & sustainable ways to create a healthy garden at home.  This included suggestions of composting leftover food and debris from mowing/weeding to help enrich their soil,  to recycle rain water to water their plants thus reducing water usage, and easy tips, like tilling the area thoroughly to bring up untouched nutrients from the earth to enrich their soil.  And, of course, encouraged everyone to come and volunteer at the Farm to not only get helpful  gardening experience and see how a large scale farm works, but to be a part of our movement and help out our neighbors in NW Arkansas who don’t have access to grow their own food.

Churches & Families

Huge thank you for the continued support of so many from Central United Methodist Church in Fayetteville.  Central United Methodist is an incredible faith community who have invested a lot of energy into The Farm and it allows us to significantly increase the amount of food that we are able to then return to them for their Community Meals Program that takes place every Tuesday and Thursday for the hunger, homeless, poor and beautiful people in our community.

Production Update

Over the past two weeks, we have continued to plant more and more and ensure that all the proper maintenance is being done to produce a great spring crop.

The high tunnel is producing some incredible salads mixes for our spring harvest & we are ready to begin harvesting in the coming days.

We have also planted over 400 tomato plants & with the incredible weather we’ve been having we are beginning to see fruit on the vines.  Let’s hope it holds and we have a great season of tomatoes (especially after last year’s challenges).

We are very thankful to finally have the produce cooler installed at The Farm to help us improve the quality of the produce that we will be distributing this season.  This is a huge step from last year & we are thankful to Greg Primm for making it possible!

Harvest Share Subscribers

Spring has been good to us and we are looking at Saturday, May 7th as the first lug distribution for Harvest Share subscribers.  The first week’s harvest is looking like it will be delicious fresh salad of lettuces, spring mix, radishes, kale, various herbs & working to have farm fresh eggs as well.

Thank you to all of our subscribers as we are sold out for the second season in a row!  The income from the selling of share allows us to fund the operational costs of The Farm & provide a whole lot of food away to our our community.

More information will be send out directly to Harvest Share subscribers next week in prep for 1st distribution.

Thank You

As always, we are incredibly thankful to our community for your support.  The Farm does not work without out!  It’s a beautiful time of the year to be at The Farm, so we invite you to come join us on an upcoming Saturday or send us an email (TheFarm@CobblestoneProject.org) to coordinate a time during the week!