30 Days 4 Change

30 Days 4 Change (30D4C) is an initiative designed to engage students with nonprofit organizations dedicated to serving our neighbors within issues of justice and mercy.

Through 30 Days 4 Change, students are able to learn about community needs, work with nonprofit leaders, formulate new ideas to long standing issues, have the opportunity to implement their ideas, and work together as a community in caring for our neighbors.

In turn, nonprofit organizations have the opportunity to expose a new generation of leaders to the needs of their community and their work to address it.

30D4C creates a space that seeks to inspire a new generation towards making a difference in their community while providing nonprofit organizations with new ideas and energy towards enabling their mission.

contact: 30D4C@cobblestoneproject.org

Recent Stories

  • Cobblestone BHS goes to Laundry Love October 8, 2012If you haven’t heard about our Cobblestone BHS club and the amazing things they did last year through 30 Days for Change, you are missing out! We love the students at Bentonville High School! Their hearts for our community and helping those in need inspires all the work that we do through Cobblestone Proejct . ...
  • 30 Days 4 Change! May 23, 2012April was a whirlwind of a month, and we loved every minute of it! The students at Bentonville High School who participated in “30 Days 4 Change” did an amazing job. With the help of Scott Herron, Teacher and Student Advisor, the groups were able to accomplish a tremendous amount for local organizations. We are excited to announce ...
  • 30 Days for Change April 27, 2012The “30 days 4 Change” student groups from Bentonville High School have been hard at work with their local nonprofit partners (Samaritan Community Center, 99 Balloons, Life Source, Saving Grace, and 7 Hills)! The month of April has been busy as the groups  continue to implement their impact campaigns. The group partnered with SAMCC is planning a can food ...


  • Engage students to inspire new ideas and new approaches to community needs.
  • Expose nonprofit organizations to a new generation who desire to make positive change.
  • Provide opportunities for ideas to be replicated by other nonprofit organizations.

Partners for 2012


  • March 1st to March 16th – Students and Organization Leads meet and scope their 30D4C initiative
  • March 19th to March 30th – 30D4C initiatives are submitted to BHS Student Advisor & Cobblestone Project final approval.
  • April 1st – 30D4C Initiatives Kick Off
  • April 30th – 30D4C Initiatives Complete
  • May 4th – Final 30D4C Student and Organizational Evaluations Complete
  • Week of May 7th – Evaluation Committee Meets to Determine 30D4C Grant Award Recipients


  • Alignment:  Initiative Alignment to NonProfit Organizational Mission.
  • Measured Impact:  Initiative Measured Impact to original Initiative Scope.
  • Replication:  Initiative’s Ability to be Replicated by other Organizations & Student Groups
  • NonProfit Evaluation:  Evaluation of Students Ability to Work Together as a Team.

If you are interested about getting your school involved in 30 Days 4 Change, please contact info@cobblestoneproject.org.

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