About 3 Bags in 2 Days

3B2D provides bags of basic necessities to those living in poverty.

Our vision is to provide a sense of dignity and respect to those who receive a bag. The key is to build lasting relationships and provide bags that aid in the restoration of hope in Northwest Arkansas and around the world. Through the bag, we hope to offer a sense dignity, respect and a little relief to those in our community who may be without. Through the giving and receiving of a basic necessities bag, we can provide for immediate needs, connect them with area resources and offer a little bit of hope.

We believe one of the first steps in ending poverty is acknowledging that it exists and through the exchange of bag we recognize a person’s need and worth. Bags are distributed at many Cobblestone initiative events as well as those of several of our community partners. We have volunteer opportunities throughout the year. One can contribute through product donations and supplies as well as by giving your time to pack bags and distribute to our neighbors. During these events we meet our neighbors, build relationships, and support their needs.

Come join us!

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