Haiti Relief

Over the past few months many incredible people from NW Arkansas have been a part of Haiti relief efforts. It has been remarkable to see the local response to the unimaginable needs in Haiti, but we know this community is incredible and expect nothing less.  Those efforts in Haiti are making an impact as they partner with some incredible organizations with operations on the ground in Haiti. The resolve of these organizations in the face of incredible difficulty is truly inspiring.

for more information on current Haiti Relief efforts, please contact haiti @cobblestoneproject.org

Haiti Relief Organizations

We are lucky to have Chris Marlow of Help End Local Poverty and Criag Miller of Thirst No More and in NW Arkansas to be a part of this forum.  Both organizations will have the opportunity to share their current work in Haiti, discuss collaborative relief opportunities and work together to solidify future plans.

Thirst No More

NW Arkansas Churches involved in Haiti Relief