Tonight in NW Arkansas, there are an estimated 1,287 people without a home (nearly half of them youth).  In February of 2009, the University of Arkansas Community & Family Institute release a “Northwest Arkansas Point in Time Homeless Census” report exposing the issue.

In July 2009 the NW Arkansas Community gathered to support finding a solution to the region’s homelessness problem.  Mark Horvath, founder of InvisiblePeople.tv, was our guest to help share the true face of homelessness in the US and in our community.

In July 2010, Mark Horvath returned and our community gathered again to share progress, stories of hope and the need that still exists.  The NWA Point in Time Homeless Census will be conducated again in January 2011 and you have the opportunity to help (watch for details).

In May, the NW Arkansas Point-In-Time Homeless Census was published by the University of Arkansas Community & Family Institute. The census identified an estimated 1,287 homeless people in NW Arkansas.

That is a +10% increase over the 2007 census. Shockingly, almost 1/2 of those counted were youth (under 18 years old)! Over the past month, we’ve said “what can we do to help?”

This is a first step…raise awareness that will both support existing efforts and engage more people who want to help work towards solutions.

The 1,287 event was just the first step.

Here’s how you can get involved immediately… Connect with by sending email to info@cobblestoneproject.org and tell us you want to help.

Come to Green Room on to collaborate on next steps Serve at

  • Our Step is a collaborative permanent housing program
  • The Farm grows food that is given away to local food pantries & shelters in NW Arkansas
  • Laundry Love Project meets in laundromats monthly to provide clean clothes to those in need
  • The Garden in support of World Garden’s program to feed 5,000 people a week

DownloadTop Things you can do to end homelessness“.