Green Room

What is the Cobblestone Project Green Room?

A “Green Room” is a room in a theater, studio, or other venue for the accommodation of performers or speakers when not required on the stage. Sometimes a Green Room is viewed as a private and closed area where only those “important” people are allowed to go in a way that is cut-off from the rest of the people.  However, it is here that people practice, rest and prepare for their next actions.

So, is a Green Room used for unification or separation? That may depend on how it’s used. If it used as a place of rest and peace for the purposes of creating, preparing and planning for an upcoming event that is meant to express beauty, then it’s use is good. However, if it is used to create a space that separates people based on some sort of artificial class system, then it’s use is not good.

Our desire is to take this concept and use it to prepare, plan and create expressions and actions to help those in need. However, no one is excluded from this Green Room. Ideally, this Green Room will continue to grow until everyone in our community is united, and the concept of a Green Room is redefined to mean a place of peace, rest and joy for all.  A place where no need exists.


  • NW Arkansas Point-in-Time Homeless Census Final Report May 3, 2011On Monday, the Community and Family Institute is located in the University of Arkansasʼ Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice released the final Northwest Arkansas Point-in-Time Homeless Census Report. We would ask everyone in Northwest Arkansas take the time to read the final & full report as this may be one of our greatest tools in ...
  • Photos from Cobblestone Project Green Room at D.C. (December 2009) January 3, 2010December’s Cobblestone Project Green Room was a great evening in a new great location.  The Green Room was held at the Cobblestone Project D.C. (distribution & collection) space that will be used to support the various initiatives of the Cobblestone Project and other Non-Profit agencies & initiatives (i.e. Our Step). December’s Green Room covered the Our Step Christmas Matching Gift Opportunity, ...
  • August Green Room Recap & Next Steps August 24, 2009Sunday’s Green Room provide an opportunity to determine the support coming out of the 1,287 event, review current initiatives and set a couple new things in motion. We spent a little time covering the events of the past month to include: 1,287 Event 1,287 Survey Results The other activities that took place while


Green Room

Upcoming Green Rooms


Rogers Location Offices of Crossland Construction

Springdale Location Cobblestone Project D.C.

Fayetteville Location Offices of NorthStar Partnering Group

Green Room Goals & Format

You can not have “A Community Without Need” and never meet! So, every 4 to 6 weeks will be set aside to gather together in order to…

1) Build Community * Welcome anyone who is interested in learning about or becoming a part of one of the many initiatives currently underway. * Develop friendships among initiative teams, families and common causes.

2) Empower Individuals * Release the Vision & Mission of the Cobblestone Project to individuals in step with our core values * Provide a space for one person to step in a make a difference * Allow people to be involved in all areas of initiatives, coordination, awareness, etc.

3) Share Stories * Share the stories of our experiences within each initiative to gain encouragement, new ideas and show that hope is real.

4) Brainstorm new ways of Creatively Engaging our Communities * Brainstorm new and creative ways for meeting the needs of our communities * Establish strategies, calendars and work through needs in order to bring an idea to reality * Tap into each person’s creative talents that hold the key to engaging people and moving towards solutions to the needs in our communities.

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