Cobblestone Project Gatherings are opportunities for intentional collaboration, inspiration or focus on specific issues within our community.

Cobblestone Project Green Room

Green Room

Cobblestone Project Green Room’s are held approximately once every other month in order to prepare, plan and create expressions and actions to help those in need.  These are opportunities to meet with initiative coordinators, learn about how people can become involved in Cobblestone Project initiatives, plan, coordinate and dream together.

Our desire is to take the concept of Green Room and use it to prepare, plan and create expressions and actions to help those in need. However, no one is excluded from this Green Room. Ideally, the expression of this Green Room will continue to grow until everyone in our community is united, and the concept of a Green Room is redefined to mean a place of peace, rest and joy for all. A place where no need exists.

Please visit the Green Room page for stories, locations and information from previous meetings.

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Present in the City

Present in the City

We know that being “Present in the City” may be one of the most difficult things to do; however, we believe that loving and serving our Community begins with being fully present and attentive to the needs of those in need of hope.

“Present in the City” gatherings are the opportunities for our community to gather, to pause, to celebrate and to be an intentional people serving our community.  At times, these gatherings will focus on a specific issue or theme based on the needs or activities in our community.

In June 2009, a report of a recent Homeless Census was released by the University of Arkansas.  Within a few weeks, this news and the needs of the homeless in our community had faded from focus.  As a result, the 1,287 Stand Up and Be Counted gathering was organized and Mark Horvath, founder of, was invited to share about the true face of homelessness.

In March 2010, Greg Russinger, President/Founder of Just One, explored what it truly means to be “Present in the City” for a lifetime.

After the devastating earthquakes in Haiti, many NW Arkansas people and organizations began to mobilize to meet those needs.  As this momentum great, a group of churches, nonprofits and Haiti relief organizations gather in May 2010 to focus on how NW Arkansas could coordinate Haiti Relief efforts.

In November 2010, we focused our attention around the issue of mentoring, fatherlessness and foster careDr. John Sowers, President of The Mentoring Project, shared his story and reflections based on his recently released book “Fatherless Generation”