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Can you feel the love?Laundry Love Project, NWA

The Laundry Love project continues to touch hearts by providing laundry services for folks in need throughout NWA.

Augusta Fields wrote a touching article about the many people who have been helped by Laundry Love in Northwest Arkansas. Please note that the laundromat in Fayetteville is Kamp Laundromat located at 549 W. 15th Street, just west of the intersection with 71 Business/ S. School Avenue.

From her article, “Laundry Love is a national initiative, but the Cobblestone Project, a nonprofit group that has a “community without need” motto, started the four northwest Arkansas projects six years ago, said Jennifer Watts, the executive director for Cobblestone. Other projects are based in Siloam Springs, Springdale and Rogers.”

To learn more about the people served by Laundry Love, read Augusta’s article called Laundry Love Helps NWA Homeless.

Beyond providing clean laundry, Laundry Love helps build relationships and community for everyone involved. Both patrons and volunteers speak of the friendships built as they give and receive services. The four local laundry locations are supported by volunteers and partners like NWAMotherlode, a blog for mothers, who continue to give generously.

If you would like to learn more, or volunteer, please visit our volunteer page.

Thanks for caring!


NWA MomProm Delights

MomProm 2014 was a smash hit with moms around NWA.

Thank you NWA moms. You rock!MomProm 2014

NWA Mom Prom danced its way to another amazingly successful year on Saturday, April 26, 2014 at the Springdale Holiday Inn Ballroom. This massive girls’ night out for women and mothers age 21 and up is a fabulous night out with friends, and ticket sales help support Laundry Love. The event is hosted by, the largest mom-focused website in Northwest Arkansas. Presenting sponsor is Great Day Farms.

In only its second year, the NWA Mom Prom was able to DOUBLE the money raised for Laundry Love. The six thousand dollar donation will help cover operating costs for the organization for nearly 5 months.

What is a Mom Prom?

Well, it looks and sounds just like a real prom, except it’s a women-only event free from all the teenage drama and angst. It’s the perfect opportunity to dress up, go out with friends, eat, dance, laugh and have professional and photo booth pictures made to commemorate the fun. Imagine if Barbie and all her Barbie friends went to a glamorous Prom and left Ken and his buddies at home for the night to take care of the kids. Sounds fun, right?

The Mom Prom even features its own “Glam Squad,” a pack of professional makeup and hair stylists from Brieshi Salon & Spa, standing by to fluff hair and touch up make-up before ladies get their Prom pictures made.

The Mom Prom DJ plays songs requested online by the women who attend, and an on-site “Shoe Bank” keeps all the sparkly high heels safe for women who’d rather dance barefoot.

Instead of a silent auction, Mom Prom features a buffet of amazing raffle packages donated by local businesses, with raffle tickets at only $2 each. There were 8 raffle packages at this year’s event, with themes including “Date Night,” “Bling,” “Branson Getaway,” “Summer Fun,” “Retail Therapy,” and more. The star attraction in this year’s raffle was a new Maytag Bravos washer and dryer set donated by Metro Appliances & More.

There’s no other event like this one in NWA. Although Mom Proms happen across the country in various cities, this is the ONLY one in the state of Arkansas.

A Mom Prom Queen was crowned during the night, chosen at random among all ticket holders. (No annoying popularity contests here.) The Mom Prom Queen received a crown, sash, flowers and a $500 Visa shopping card, sponsored by First Security Bank.

For more information on the NWA Mom Prom, go to

Thanks ladies for a smashing success! Laundry Love appreciates your support.


Laundry Love Adds Up

The impact of Laundry Love on local communities continues to add up.

Did you know that our local Laundry Love projects provide over 3700 loads of clean laundry for about 3000 people each year, just in NWA? Laundry Love is a national initiative with projects all over the country.

Laundry Love Project, NWA

Laundry Love in action!

And all that clean laundry is provided by volunteers and organizations who give of their time and resources. Thanks to the generous support from four local laundromats who open their doors, numerous volunteers and many organizations who fundraise and donate, Cobblestone’s local Laundry Love projects continue to serve the people in need around NWA.

To learn more about the local impact of this wonderful project, read The Arkansas Traveler article called Laundry Love Washes Clothes and Hearts.

Or, visit our Laundry Love page to learn more about the project.

“creating a community without need”.

Thanks for caring in NWA.

“Loads Raised for Laundry Love”

When we received a phone call from NWAMotherlode, we were overwhelmed and extremely grateful. If you don’t know about NWAMotherlode, you need to know. NWAMotherlode was created  to give moms in Northwest Arkansas a fun place to get together online to read, laugh and compare notes on motherhood. This year, they hosted their first  Mom Prom, a HUGE girls’ night out for moms and women and wanted to benefit Cobblestone’s Laundry Love Project. The party went so well they plan on making this an annual event.




On May 4th, 330 women gathered in Springdale to celebrate NWA Mom Prom.  Friends gathered and enjoyed great food, drinks, music and dancing, raffles for fun luxuries and gift-baskets, and an obscene amount of laughter.  Attendees were welcomed on the red carpet and photographed with some of the popular entertainers of our day including Ryan Gosling, Adam Levine, George Clooney, and Channing Tatum.  As the Mom’s proceeded into the ballroom, they were welcomed by upbeat dance music, lavish “girly” décor, the hue of pink lights and a ridiculously fun atmosphere.

The creators of NWAMotherlode wanted to highlight the importance of making a difference in our community.  They generously chose the Laundry Love Project to receive the proceeds from this event.

On behalf of Cobblestone Project, I (Stephanie) was thrilled to share the vision of creating “a Community Without Need” through the amazing initiative of the LLP.  I was able to share the reason Laundry Love exists, the need that exists in our community, and provide a way for momma’s alike to get involved in solving this issue.

I am thankful to all of the women who came, listened and participated in such an incredible evening.  Each person can truly change the world, even one load of laundry at a time. These Mommas were able to raise $3,000 for our Laundry Love initiative!  We invite you to change the world with us!  Sign up to volunteer at one of our upcoming Laundry Love Events.



A special thanks to Gwen Rockwood and Shannon Magsam. Also thanks to Lisa Mac Photography for the great pictures!


Christmas Time

When approached by a friend of Cobblestone Project, we were humbled by their idea to throw a Christmas party benefitting Laundry Love Project. Friends and family gathered as they normally do to celebrate Christmas, but with a new reason for celebration. Thanks to the McIntyre Family for hosting this amazing party and gifts that will go to benefiting our community.


Our Community:


“One of my favorite parts of Christmas time is throwing a Christmas party!  There’s just something about coming together with friends and family, sharing good food, hot chocolate and lots of laughs.  As I began to think about this year’s festive occasion and brainstorm ideas, I decided that this year was going to look a little different.  Myself, my friends and my family are all so blessed beyond need or want.  There are no gifts we could give each other that we genuinely need.  However, there are people in our community who have to choose basic needs over the luxury of Christmas gifts. I decided that this year we were going to be intentional.  This year, we were going to have a charitable Christmas party.  Together with my friends, we came up with a plan to host a party benefitting one of Cobblestone’s initiatives, Laundry Love Project.  It would be simple and easy.  Like most any other holiday party, we would plan the menu, decorate the house and invite all our friends and family…with just one little twist.  Instead of an ornament, cookie or gift exchange, we requested that guests bring rolls of quarters or laundry detergent to be donated to Laundry Love.  We sent the invites out, made a Facebook event, prepped the house, cooked the food and sat back to wait for the party to start.  As the house filled with friends, warmth and laughter, it hardly went unnoticed that the buckets by the tree were filling with quarters and laundry detergent.  We could never have anticipated the success of our very first charitable Christmas party!  Thanks to the outpouring of love & generosity of so many, over $300 in quarters and more than 1,000 loads worth of laundry detergent will be donated to Laundry Love Project serving the communities of Northwest Arkansas.  This year, I received a Christmas gift from our party, greater than any year before, in knowing that the happiness and joy we experienced in one night will go on for the months to come as the body of Christ serves others in an effort towards a community without need.” – Caroline McIntyre


For more information, or to learn about Laundry Love, visit our website.

Beyond Laundry

Many times, we are unable to capture the amazing things that happen at Laundry Love NWA. Currently, we operate 4 Laundry Loves in Northwest Arkansas. We have selfless families who continually give up their Fridays to help our community. Our volunteers always look beyond doing laundry  to hearing and sharing stories with those engaged in Laundry Love. When you participate in LLP you easily see the relationships that have been formed outside the walls of the laundromats. Recently, the Springdale edition of Laundry Love saw a need beyond laundry, and helped provide local students with school supplies.

This story comes from our Springdale Laundry Love Coordinator, Lindsey Kelley:

Laundry Love Project Springdale serves people on the East side of  Springdale. We serve around 24 families every month, many that have students in the Public School System. The students range from elementary to high school and cover over 5 different schools. We serve among the poorest population in Springdale, and possibly Northwest Arkansas.  We knew that there was a HUGE need to provide school supplies to the families.  Thankfully, we had a donation given to us that allowed us to purchase 30 backpacks and fill them with necessary school supplies.  We passed out a backpack to each school age kid that was there and were even able to send a few home with families that did not have their kids with them.  The families were very grateful!  The smiles on the kids faces were priceless.  Several of the kids proudly wore their backpacks around the laundry mat and did not take them off. It’s such a small gesture on our part, but impacts these kids (and their families) profoundly.  We will definitely serve the families in this way every year. This was a wonderful experience for the volunteers as well!  There is nothing better than being able to witness the pride a child feels when receiving their new backpack! We are thankful for those who helped make this possible.

We know that dignity can come from  not only washing clothes, but also giving something as small as a new backpack. We believe every person, family, and  student possesses worth and when we are able to aid in this- it is an amazing experience of true community.



The story of Laundry Love is a powerful one, and if you haven’t had a chance to hear it- we encourage you to. We are honored and humbled to be a part of this larger story of cleaning the clothes of those living in poverty and converting laundromats into hubs of relief to those around us. Thank you for helping us meet a need and striving towards, “A community without need.”

For more info or to share another story, email us at 

Mrs. Creekmore's 1st Grade Class

For Valentine’s Day with Love

We are so thankful to Mrs. Creekmore’s 1st Grade at R.E. Baker Elementary Class for their amazing Valentine’s Day Laundry Love donation. Together these amazing 1st Grader’s gathered laundry detergent & quarters to donate to help the Laundry Love efforts all over Northwest Arkansas.  In total, their efforts will help over 20 families with clean clothes and a warm smile.

Their actions are a testament to the power of everyone to make a difference in serving your community however young or old you may be.

Through the simple sharing of a story these 1st graders joined some many others in our community who are giving of their time, energy & resources to make Laundry Love a place of relief, respect and compassion.


If you would like more information on how you can get involved with Laundry Love in Northwest Arkansas, please visit our Laundry Love initiative page or email

Rogers Laundry Love Water Install 4

Laundry to Water & a Return

We are honored to share this story, written by Greg Primm. His family has been a consistent source of joy and stability at the Rogers Laundry Love. It is amazing to watch our community continue to care for those in need.

From Greg Prim, Laundry Love Rogers Initiative Leader

My wife Amy and I have been involved with the Rogers Laundry Love Project for over 2 years. We’ve had the opportunity to get to know some amazing people — both the numerous volunteers who have donated their time and our clients who come back each month.

I’m honored to share a recent story of renewal and hope that happened as a result of the Laundry Love Project.

We met ”Ron” and “Lisa” over a year ago when they started coming to the Rogers Laundry Love Project. I don’t think they’ve ever missed a month, always greeting us with a smile and pictures of their newest grandchild or great-grandchild.

In July, they shared with me that they have no water service at their house. Since they moved in over a year ago, they’ve been hauling water in buckets to use for cooking, bathing, and drinking.

Simple things I take for granted everyday like ample drinking water, a proper shower, and laundry were outside their reach. They needed a water line installed from the edge of their property approximately 100′ to their house. Water was so close, yet the financial constraints made it difficult to get the job done.

I contacted my friend Ben Booth of Booth Building and Design. He immediately offered to coordinate an effort to complete the project. He recruited Steve and Amy Cornelison of C & C Septic to dig the line and Terry Presley of Terry Presley Plumbing to lend his expertise and help gather the proper materials.

Saturday, August 27th, we gathered to complete the work. Steve made quick work of digging the ditch even after encountering solid rock a few feet from the house. The water line installation also went very smooth — we were able to add an additional outdoor hydrant. Benton County Water Authority even offered to come out on a Saturday to inspect the line and install the meter.

I would never have thought that we could have arrived at the property at 8 am and left with the project 100% complete by the end of the day. It couldn’t have happened without the work of Ben, Steve, Amy, Terry, and our good friends Alex Bell, Nick Rhoads, and Christian Vaught. I was truly amazed at each one of these people. When asked to help, all of them said YES before we could even finish the question.

The greatest part of the long, hot day occurred as we were wrapping up and Lisa told us that it was her birthday! Someone mentioned that we should have brought a cake, but Lisa said that getting water to her house was the best birthday present she could ever have received.

Just this past Friday, Ron and Lisa came back to Laundry Love Project with smiles from ear to ear, beaming about their new water service and reporting that it is working great. They expressed their gratitude numerous times at not having to haul buckets of water to their house.

Thanks again to everyone involved in making a huge difference in Ron and Lisa’s lives! This is truly an example of the people of Northwest Arkansas meeting needs among their own.

God Bless!

Greg & Amy

If you would like more info on how to participate in Laundry Love Rogers or any Laundry Love in Northwest Arkansas, please visit the Laundry Love initiative page for details or email  Laundry Love is an initiative of Just One & operated in partnership with them.

July2011a 216


What a privilege it is to share that the need of water for a single mom that we shared yesterday has not only been funded, but the work was completed today!  We are truly thankful to Allied Plumbing for putting it at the top of their to-do list and for braving the heat to restore water to “Mary.”

Here is a quick recap of today from Mark & Tiffany (Siloam Springs Laundry Love Coordinators)…

Today we had the joy of seeing the second half of the miracle take place.

We are still amazed that yesterday (in 8 hours) the total repair cost was raised to help our dear friend restore clean water for her family.

In the blistering heat the plumbing crew gave “Mary” both clean water and an unforgettable message that she is loved and valued by our community.

Here are some pictures from the repair work, and you can clearly see the damage to the water line & the root that had caused the problem.

As we watched the repairs together, her hope was being renewed with each new section of pipe.  She leaned over to me, and she looked with grateful eyes to simply say…

“I have no words, THANK YOU!”

To all of those that made this possible, we could not be more grateful.  You demonstrated your love for those that are the most vulnerable in our community, and you have restored hope.  Grace & peace to you and your families.

Our Northwest Arkansas community continues to demonstrate the true extent of their love in so many ways.  We are honored to be able to watch this story unfold, and regardless of whatever difficulty may lie ahead we will always be know by our love.

May God continue to bless.



LLP Siloam Springs 028

Without Water in NW Arkansas…the Need of a Single Mom (NEED MET!)

We are overwhelmed with joy to report that this need HAS BEEN MET!  In just 8 short hours, $1,200 was donated & the plumbers will start repair work TOMORROW!

We will have photos to show progress & let you know once it has been completed.

Thank you Northwest Arkansas!  You made an incredible and eternal difference in the life of this mom & her children.  We are just humbled & honored to be able to participate in this story of renewal.

We don’t do this very often, but from time to time we come across stories of people in our community who need our help.  The people involved in Cobblestone Project have always come to the aid of those with the greatest needed, so today we would like to share a story of great need to ask for your help.

This is from Mark & Tiffany, Siloam Springs Laundry Love Coordinators…

A little over a year ago we met a lady we will call “Mary” at Siloam Springs Laundry Love Project.  That night she was the mother of an adorable little girl, and the soon to be mom of coming twins.

Our little community at Soap Opera Laundry on South Lincoln Street threw an impromptu baby shower for Mary, and over the past year we have come to love and appreciate Mary in a great way.  In a short of amount of time we began our journey of lasting friendship, love, and learning of her life.

As a single-mom, Mary struggles to make her limited income cover the expenses of her growing family to include a young daughter and twins that are now less than a year old.

She lives in a mobile home in Siloam Springs on land that she owns, and just recently she discovered a problem in the plumbing line between her house and the street.  Due to the problem the water became contaminated and had to be turned off.

The cost to repair the issue is almost more than she would make in two months, and she now lives with the burden of not having access to clean water at her house.

We’ve contacted Allied Plumbing come out to take a look and it appears she will need to replace the line from her house to the street (tree roots creating problems).

The estimated cost is $1,200 with a substantial discount from Allied Plumbing (click to see estimate).

As her community we are seeking to do what we can to restore this basic need, in hopes that someone will either donate their plumbing services or we can raise the money to cover the repairs.

If you are able to help meet this need you may

  1. Donate towards cost of repairs via the Cobblestone Project Store:  Water Repairs for Mary (all donations are tax deductible).
  2. Purchase/Donate Needed Materials.
  3. Donate your time & expertise to repair the water line.

If we are able to raise the needed funds, we will provide follow up documentation & pictures of the completed work.

Any questions may be directed to or (479) 553-9005.