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3 Years and Counting!

3 years. 36 months. 1,095 days. WHAT?! It seems like an eternity, yet it has flown by in the blink of an eye. My brain can’t seem to process that today makes 3 years on this journey…that our 4th year is just beginning. I look back and remember thinking the very first night about those [...]

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Art in the Park- 6 months!

Tonight was so special. 6 months into Art in the Park and I couldn’t be any more in love. As if I’m not already borderline obsessed with it, tonight was something incredible. I can’t really put words to it or explain why it was so different. Every month it just seems to find it’s rhythm [...]

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My Mother

I have always loved my mom more than life itself (I love you too, dad…don’t worry!) Her strength throughout her life has been a source of inspiration for me, especially as I have learned more and more about her life growing up and everything that she has overcome. She is beautiful, funny, full of love [...]

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All The Kiddos Have Sponsors!! What’s Next?

As our previous post talked about, we have been taking sponsorships for little kiddos who are graduating from a recovery program and moving on to big-kid school! These 20 kiddos will be starting kindergarden in the fall and have been through more than what any child (or anyone) should ever have to go through. But they [...]

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EOA Children’s House Partnership!

Recently, we have been engaging in a lot of conversations with EOA Children’s House in Springdale. These conversations have been about how we can better reach out to kids in our area through the distribution of bags…kid’s bags that is! Children’s House provides a safe, therapeutic and educational place for wee ones to spend the [...]

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Art in the Park…3 Bags in 2 Days

This past Saturday was the launch of 3 Bags in 2 Days new “Art in the Park” initiative!

We had been saying for a few months that if 1 person paints, then we will count it as a success….well, after a week of hitting up multiple community meals, churches, and other events with hundreds of flyers and announcements, the moment of truth was about to happen.

We had the main pavilion of Walker Park in Fayetteville reserved from 2-6 pm with dinner being served around 4:30. Come 1:30 as we were loading up to head out, I got an incredibly excited feeling. We pulled up to the park around 1:45 and much to my surprise…there were about 15-20 people waiting there for us to start painting!

It was beautiful before it had even begun.

Within 30 seconds everyone was at our cars unloading all the tubs and boxes. Tons of canvases, paint brushes, hygiene packs, resource flyers, clothing, household items and so much more was being carried to be laid out in the pavilion. When everything was laid out, organized and ready to go…we started!

Words cannot describe what joy filled my heart as the “Art in the Park” mixed CD I had made starting playing and the paint started flowing.

Within minutes, tons of people were sitting down and entering the world of their emotions. People were soon taken away to a different place of healing and restoration while letting the paintbrush be the tool that tells their story.

I looked to my left and there was a group of about 4 little kiddos painting away with the most joyful smiles I have ever seen. Paint all over their clothes and faces but not a care in the world. For just a few minutes…all was well.

As the day progressed onward with the same peaceful and beautiful momentum as the second that it had started, we saw about 60 people take time to paint.

The stories were simply beautiful.

They were stories of giving up life-long addictions, memories of their families, motivations through hardships, joy, pain and sorrow, and so much more.

Each had such emotion and life poured into it that it could not have been anything but a masterpiece. Everyone signed their work to validate it and give ownership. So many smiles and so many stories.

Art in the Park is something that we have been dreaming of for a long time coming and to see it manifested was humbling. I can’t stop thinking about it and the beauty and healing that it entailed. I am already ready for the next Art in the Park. I truly see the value in art and story-telling, more now than ever.

With restoration and healing on my mind,


PS- We have some BIGGGGG thank yous to send! Thanks to the U of A’s Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity for cooking and serving the yummy dinner! Also, huge thanks to Philip Thomas, of Novo Studio, for documenting the day with beautiful images that truly capture beauty and joy that was present.

Art in the Park

This past Saturday was the launch of our new “Art in the Park” initiative! We had been saying for a few months that if 1 person paints, then we will count it as a success….well, after a week of hitting up multiple community meals, churches, and other events with hundreds of flyers and announcements, the [...]

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“30 Days 4 Change” Student Teams are on their way…

April 1st was the kick off of the 2012 Campaign for “30 Days 4 Change” an initiative designed to engage students ideas with new approaches to addressing community needs.

The 5 student groups are paired with 5 Northwest Arkansas Nonprofits that include Samaritan Community Center, 7 Hills Homeless Center, Lifesource International, Saving Grace & 99 Balloons.  Each student group is charged with developing an action plan to address some of the organizational needs.

Today was the regroup of week 1 for 30D4C, and we had an opportunity to get a quick look at the work that is underway.

We’ll be posting periodic updates over the next 3 weeks, and you can also follow along with 30D4C at


Next Big Step for 3 Bags in 2 Days!

After the initial shock of receiving a grant wore off, Brittany and I realized that we had to sit down, create a budget, and best of all…we had to dream big. We had the opportunity to do things that we have wanted to do for a while, but were financially unable to. This grant is [...]

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Paty & Sandra 3b2d

Paty and Sandra

It was a little over 2 years ago whenever I first met Paty and Sandra. I remember being at Laundry Love, which is one of our regular events as 3 bags, and meeting Paty for the first time as she came to get a bag. We instantly hit it off and started talking all about [...]

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