From June, 2012

Getting in the Swing of Summer

We have had a great couple of weeks at The Farm. The weather  has been beautiful and our summer crops are coming in nicely. It has been a blast seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones during the weekend Harvest Parties.

Our Amazing Community

Big thanks to those who came out to The Farm the past few weekends. We have enjoyed blackberry cobbler made by one of our wonderful volunteers, made with Farm blackberries and eggs. Also, a huge thanks to the West Ozark Deanery Youth Group who helped prune the tomatoes. The Neilsen group picked blackberries, processed potatoes, and picked tomatoes. We are so grateful for each group helping to  “cultivate a community without need.”


Production Update

Summer is here, and the crops are doing extremely well. We have harvested some really yummy produce and are looking forward to this weeks harvest of: Squash, potatoes, onions, cabbage, beans, radishes, and garlic.

The weather has been perfect so far, and we are extremely grateful for this. It makes for a fun, cool, and exciting environment for you and your group to volunteer!

Hunger Relief

Hunger Relief distribution is underway. To date we have given away 1,965 pounds of food to local food programs and Non-Profits. Samaritan Community Center ,  NW Arkansas Women’s Shelter , Central United Methodist and LifeSource International.  We have also redeemed giftcards, and are grateful to our community for helping feed the hungry in our area.




Volunteer Opportunities

It’s a great time to be at The Farm, check our calendar for opportunities to bring your family and enjoy the day.

EOA Children’s House Partnership!

Recently, we have been engaging in a lot of conversations with EOA Children’s House in Springdale. These conversations have been about how we can better reach out to kids in our area through the distribution of bags…kid’s bags that is! Children’s House provides a safe, therapeutic and educational place for wee ones to spend the [...]

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Thankful for the Rain!

It’s been a hot and dry early summer, but the recent rains have provide some much needed relief to our crops.  We received almost three inches over the past few weeks and it should provide a nice boost to current production.

Our Amazing Community

Huge thanks to those who came out to The Farm over the Memorial Day weekend to help pick blueberries, plant peanuts, and just enjoy the day. Also, thanks to Fellowship College who came out and help this past weekend and helped harvest blackberries and onions!

Production Update

The past few weeks at The Farm have seen a flurry of activity as the summer crops are starting to come in strong.

We have a whole lot in the ground and planted peanuts, corn, and much more.We harvested around 15 pounds of blackberries this week, along with cabbage, peppers, and snap peas.

We are excited to share that the hens have started laying eggs! We collected 5 eggs this week, and are expecting many more throughout the summer.

Hunger Relief

We have begun hunger relief distribution & we were excited to deliver some of our first crops to Samaritan Community Center & NW Arkansas Women’s Shelter.

We have planned to give some of our heavier produce such as tomatoes and potatoes to Hunger Relief efforts. They will begin to pick up and occur during the week if anyone wants to help with mid-week harvest and preparation for hunger relief.

Volunteer Opportunities

It’s a great time to be at The Farm, check our calendar for opportunities to bring your family and enjoy the day.