From March, 2012

…we are still planting!

The Farm is still a buzz of activity as we continue planting & planting till we can’t plant anymore.

The weather has been perfect in that we have sun on the weekends when everyone is available to come out and volunteer & rain during the weeks to get things growing as they should.

We are right on track with our production schedule & we can’t say thank you enough to our NW Arkansas Community for all they have done.  Without you, The Farm would not be possible.

Thank you so much.  We are humbled and honored for your investment with us together.


We are thankful this week for a whole lot of help at The Farm.  In particular, we are thankful for Owen aka “The Potato Bug Hunter.”  Gary had fun giving Owen a little lesson on how to stop the bugs in their tracks.

The many families who come out to The Farm with their children truly make it a great place.  Nothing like dirt, open space, and the warm sun to make the children feel right at home.

And, it’s all the amazing people who both come to The Farm for the first time and those that return year after year who sit together and meet new friends and make new community.


Production is right on track and this past week we planted another 500 broccoli, 500 cabbage, 36 peppers, 15 more herb varieties, and took a little risk by putting 25 tomato plants in the ground.

We also have the bees now out at The Farm and their work ahead is a lot.  So, we are glad to have bees back again this year to help pollinate the crops.  Life would not be possible without our little worker bees (literally).

It was fun to find Robin eggs scattered around The Farm’s many bird houses.  The bird houses help keep the birds close as they gobble up many of the insects that find their home on the plants.  They will be busy this year as well.  Glad they are back again this year.

Still lots of work ahead for The Farm before we harvest our first crops (hopefully the first week of May), so if you’d like to come out and spend the day with us we’d love to have you.  For more info, please see our open days at The Farm & we are happy to schedule groups during the week (email



Next Big Step for 3 Bags in 2 Days!

After the initial shock of receiving a grant wore off, Brittany and I realized that we had to sit down, create a budget, and best of all…we had to dream big. We had the opportunity to do things that we have wanted to do for a while, but were financially unable to. This grant is [...]

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The Farm CWE Ozone

Plant, Plant, Plant…then plant some more

This is the time of year when the work around The Farm boils down to one single word:  PLANT!

This is the wash, rinse and repeat cycle of spring that means there aren’t enough hours in the day, the rain needs to fall right when we plan for it to & the sun shines at exactly the right temperature.

Of course, it never works out that way, but we do as much as we can & so far our efforts are being rewarded.  We are right on schedule with where we should be right now (if not ahead).  The unseasonable weather combined with the High Tunnel has been a big help in getting out the gate early and with great strength.

Our Amazing Community

We are super thankful for all the continued support by our Northwest Arkansas Community.

Camp War Eagle’s Spring Ozone Ministry came out The Farm to put a lot of hands into the soil, continue clearing the north part of the land & bring a lot of joy to our little corner of Fayetteville.

This was Spring Break in most schools in Northwest Arkansas, so we are thankful for the faithful ones who came out on Saturday to help put over 1,000 plants into the ground.

Production Update

Production at The Farm is moving right along.  This past week we continued planting broccoli & cabbage along with more onions.

We also have some of the thousands of pounds of potatoes starting to push up to find the sun!


We are also preparing to add our bees again this year.  Hive is almost in place and we’ll get the swarm in place just in time to help pollinate the fields.  It’s amazing how much would not be possible without out the little warriors.  The bring life on those little wings.

Our Sponsors

Of course, none of this would be possible without our tremendous sponsors.  We are so thankful for everyone of them.  Their support has been amazing & we know that thank you isn’t sufficient


Spring is here! (an update from The Farm)

Spring is officially here and it is truly a great time to be at The Farm!  New life seems to spring from every corner & from every face that we see.

The weather has been absolutely perfect (almost too perfect) with near record highs for this time of year, rain that hasn’t interfered with planting or volunteer days, and calm mornings to install the High Tunnel.  We had a very hard spring and summer last year, so hopefully this is the grace we’ve needed to get the year off on the right track.

We know it may not last, so we will just give thanks for what we have been giving and trust that what’s ahead is exactly what we need.

Our Community!

This week as a part of United Way of Northwest Arkansas Live United Day we were grateful to have volunteers from Walmart Printing & Mailing Distribution Center (PMDC).  Walmart PMDC has  been so amazing to us over the past year that we truly couldn’t this without them.  We appreciate the United Way for providing those extra opportunities for people to invest in our community.

On Saturday’s open volunteer day, we had so many wonderful people & families come out The Farm (including Teen Action & Support Center).  The Farm only works because of the communities continued investment, and it is days like this that we are continually reminded of the incredible people serving every day to make that happen.

We also had the opportunity to share The Farm’s Story at the annual Walmart Realty St. Patrick’s Volunteer Fair.  Thank you Mary Middleton for inviting us to be there with you!

Production Update

We continued planting a large variety of onions, cabbage this week.  Plus, with the high tunnel in place we were able to get an early start on assorted spinach, peas, spring mix, kale, herbs & much more.  Love that they are already breaking through the soil!

We are almost finished with installing our greenhouse that was a special gift from one of The Farm’s special supporters.  This will be big help in reducing costs of buying plants & the time running all over the place trying to get them.  So nice to have this on site and we’ll be able to start using it very soon.

Poultry Update

We area almost complete with the facility expansion for the poultry!  Huge thank you to Great Day Farms for making this dream come true.  We’ll be able to increase our flock size to about 150 hens and have a more secure structure to increase egg production and reduce any issues we had last year with hawks, foxes, etc.

Scott Page from Great Day Farms shares a little in this short video.

And this is what it looked like after they finished painting!

If you would like more information on how to get involved with The Farm including volunteering, please visit our events page or email


Present in the City: Grace

Wednesday March 14, 2012 – Wednesday March 14, 2012

Fellowship Bible Church NWA

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The Cobblestone Project & People of the Second Chance invite you to gather for an evening that promises to radically transform your understanding of grace and second chances. Please plan on joining us on Wed, March 14th at 6pm as we gather as a community and raise a banner of grace.

(click to download “Present in the City:  Grace” printable announcement posters)

Mike Foster

We are lucky to have Mike Foster as the keynote speaker for Present in the City: Grace. Mike is a speaker, author, and consultant helping people live and tell a better story. Mike is the Co-founder of “People of the Second Chance” a radical grace movement made up of activists, artists and imperfectionists. He serves on the Executive Team of PlainJoe Studios and is the author of “Gracenomics: Unleash The Power of Second Chance Living” He lives in Southern California with his beautiful bride and his 2 young children.

People of the Second Chance

People of the Second ChancePeople of the Second Chance is a global community of activists, imperfectionists and second chancers committed to unleashing radical grace everyday, in every moment, for everyone. We challenge the common misconceptions about failure and success and stand with those who have hit rock bottom in their personal and professional lives. We are a community that is committed to stretch ourselves in the areas of relational forgiveness, personal transparency and advocate for mercy over judgment.

for more information, please contact


Mrs. Creekmore's 1st Grade Class

For Valentine’s Day with Love

We are so thankful to Mrs. Creekmore’s 1st Grade at R.E. Baker Elementary Class for their amazing Valentine’s Day Laundry Love donation. Together these amazing 1st Grader’s gathered laundry detergent & quarters to donate to help the Laundry Love efforts all over Northwest Arkansas.  In total, their efforts will help over 20 families with clean clothes and a warm smile.

Their actions are a testament to the power of everyone to make a difference in serving your community however young or old you may be.

Through the simple sharing of a story these 1st graders joined some many others in our community who are giving of their time, energy & resources to make Laundry Love a place of relief, respect and compassion.


If you would like more information on how you can get involved with Laundry Love in Northwest Arkansas, please visit our Laundry Love initiative page or email

Farm_Bray 100

Community, Rain & Grace…

While Spring hasn’t officially arrived, we don’t care because at The Farm we are claiming that Spring is HERE!!!

Our community has been so gracious for their huge investment into The Farm so early in the season.  It is ensuring we are on track with our production plan, and with weather like we have been experiencing we are very happy with were we are in this second week of March.

We have a whole lot of potatoes (almost 3 to 4 times where we were last year at this time), onion, cabbage, and broccoli.  Over the coming weeks we will be planting assorted lettuces, kale, spinach, peas, radishes, and spring mix.  We may also be able to start some tomatoes and herbs as well.


The people who quietly come week after week to push seeds into the ground are the backbone of The Farm.  We simply could not do this without you (& you know who you are Michele, Liz, Anita, and Brian).  We are humbled, grateful and thankful for all you do.  Thank you is not sufficient for what you have made possible.

We are truly thankful for some faithful groups such as the University of Arkansas chapter of the American Marketing Association.  You guys are amazing and we thankful for your amazing support during this critical time of the year.  Your tireless efforts are making a huge difference & we are grateful.

(the above pictures was from two weeks ago, but wanted group shot)

And of course we love everyone else that is helping with The Farm.  Was so much fun to have these beautiful Farmers this past weekend helping us plant!

Production Update

We had a very productive day last Saturday.  We planted another 2,500 onion bulbs and began work on planting the broccoli & cabbage crops.

Additionally, we were able to finish the installation of the High Tunnel thanks to many helping hands and some calm winds.  Gary was able to start planting in there yesterday and that will help get some early summer crops in motion.

and to cap off an amazing Saturday planting day, we were given the gift of grace in the rain that fell all day Sunday.  We had about 3/4 of an inch of rain at The Farm (according to our rain gauge but felt like a lot more than that), and that provide the perfect conditions to let the seeds, bulbs and plants settle in the soil.  Thankful for the rain.

The Farm Weekly Update

If you would like more information on The Farm or how you can get involved, please visit our calendar of events or email

Farm March 3, 2012

Spring is around the corner!

Operations at The Farm are in full swing with the past two weeks activities putting a lot of seeds and plants in the ground.  The weather has been incredible and we are hopeful that this is an indicator of a great year to come.

Special thanks to all of the people from Northwest Arkansas (& beyond) who have been helping get us this far.  This initiative only happens because of the hard work and support of so many in this community.  We are so grateful.

Planting Update

We had a very productive day yesterday and were able to plant a Total 2375 onions!  This includes 1500 plants of onions (Georgia Sweet, Texas Sweet, Vandalia, Walla Walla), and 875 onion bulbs (Super Sweet, Yellow and White).

We’ll plant more onions next week as well as cabbage and broccoli.

While we won’t harvest much (if anything this year), we did install our first Asparagus bed.  Like the long term vision of The Farm itself, it takes about 3 full years to produce a harvest of Asparagus.  We are anxious for the coming years when we can have Asparagus to provide to our community.

Farm Inspection Complete!

Last week we had our annual inspection for “Certified Naturally Grown” certification, and we passed with flying colors!  We take how we grow very seriously, so we are proud to say that we are a part of community of over 700 other farmers in the United States working towards the highest standard of growing practices.

If you’re not familiar with “Certified Natually Grown” certification, Certified Naturally Grown farmers strive to strengthen the organic movement by preserving high organic standards and removing financial barriers that tend to exclude smaller farms that sell locally and directly to their customers.  You can read more about how we grow by visiting our CNG webpage.

Harvest Share Membership Update

We still a few remaining Harvest Share Memberships & we finally figured out how to provide the ability to make the Harvest Share membership more affordable via a monthly payment option.

You can pre-pay for the Membership for $500 ($250 is considered tax-deductible) or pay via 6 monthly payments of $90 each for a total of $540 ($270 is considered tax-deductible).  More information can be found by visiting our Harvest Share membership page.

If you’re not familiar with our Harvest Share Membership program it allow you to take home a share of the harvest while enabling us to provide an equal share towards hunger relief in our community.  Harvest Share memberships are just one of the ways that we are able to work towards a model of making The Farm not as dependent on donations or grants.

Weekly Video Update

For more information on getting involved in The Farm, check out of list of volunteer days or email