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the homeless man who made me rich

My wife and I have been volunteering at Laundry Love in Rogers for about a year and a half and were recently asked if we could lend a hand down in Fayetteville.

June was our first time at Laundry Love Fayetteville and we loved it.  Each Laundry Love has it’s own environment & community, and this was different from what we’re used to in Rogers.  It’s a different laundromat with different machines, different volunteers, different clients, but all different in a very good way.

One person, in particular, really made us feel as though we needed to commit to serving at Laundry Love Fayetteville.

I had first run into him while assisting with the last NWA Point-in-time Homeless Census. I interviewed him in his home which was a tent in a camp out in the woods of Fayetteville. I had also ran into him again later that day at 7 Hills Homeless Center. I recognized him immediately when he arrived at Laundry Love, and it didn’t take long before we struck up a conversation that lasted nearly an hour.  He was still living in the woods, but trying to get into an apartment.  And, like me, this was also his first time at Fayetteville Laundry Love.

Then the unexpected happened.

At the end of our conversation, he handed me a 20 dollar bill and said he wanted to donate that to help for the next Laundry Love, and he wouldn’t take no for an answer.  I was speechless, and because of him I just can’t wait to get back to the laundromat.

(there are hundreds of stories just like this one – for more information on participating in Laundry Love Fayetteville, please visit the Laundry Love initiative page or send an email to

The Farm Weekly Update…drought conditions!

No surprise, but it’s HOT outside. We haven’t had any significant rain in the past month, and it’s beginning to take it’s toll on The Farm. Unfortunately, the 10 day outlook doesn’t show much hope for rain either. We have been irrigating non-stop, but it’s been hard (& really expensive) to keep up with the water demands of the crops.

However, we are working hard to care for the crops in the ground and this past week we harvested almost 870 pounds of the freshest food in Northwest Arkansas to include: 584 lbs of Yukon Gold Potatoes, 99 lbs of Red Pontiac Potatoes, 14 lbs of Squash, 141 lbs of Cabbage, 2 lbs of Okra, 6 lbs of misc Peppers, 10 lbs of Green Beans and 14 lbs of Cucumbers, miscellaneous herbs and some flowers. Season to date we have harvested 2,395 lbs of food from The Farm.

Gary’s Weekly Update

Hunger Relief

This week your efforts at The Farm were able to deliver over 570 pounds of food (mostly potatoes) to Central United Methodist Church Community Feeding Program, Restoration Village & the Samaritan Community Center.

We had the opportunity to talk with Glenn Miller, Local Missions Director for Central United Methodist Church in Fayetteville to hear how this food could support their efforts to provide for our community.

Season to date, we have distributed 1,082 lbs (45% of total harvest) to local hunger relief efforts. We are incredibly thankful to all the volunteers, our sponsors & Harvest Share subscribers for making this happen.  As we harvest more potatoes, corn and tomatoes over the next month (after tough spring season) we will be able to significantly increase the percentage of food going to local hunger relief efforts.

Potatoes Harvest & Special Thanks to Williams Tractor

We continue to be so incredibly thankful to Williams Tractor in Fayetteville for providing us with the power & tools we’ve needed to make The Farm come to reality. We wanted to give a sneak peak of how this tractor is allowing us to significantly expand our ability to provide food to Northwest Arkansas.

You’re Invited to Participate

Yes, we work really hard at The Farm, but we also can’t deny that we have a lot of fun.  Maybe this will bring a little laughter to your day as we tried out our very own Hee Haw show one Friday Harvest Party. Community is very important to us & when we can serve together with friends and family, it is a beautiful day.

There are many ways that you can participate with the efforts of The Farm & we invite you to come out and see for yourself all that is taking place at The Farm.  We have regularly schedule service days posted on our volunteer page or send us an email ( and we can schedule a special time for your business, church or civic group to come out to The Farm.

If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved with The Farm, please visit the Volunteer Page for dates or email

3b2d Kicked Out

Kicked out & nowhere to go…

so, as I have posted a few times over the past couple days, the camp is gone. the police raided tons of camps in Fayetteville over the weekend, arresting people and destroying camps. I knew I had to go check on my friends. I was anxious as to what was going to be seen. it [...]

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From Pitchforks to Tractors…

We wanted to give a quick look at how simple the first phase of harvesting potatoes at Cobblestone Project Farm thanks to Williams Tractor in Fayetteville.

Without this tractor, we would not be able to produce a potato harvest at this scale (est. at 7,500 lbs).  Last year with pitchforks we literally spent hundreds of hours digging (& sometimes ruining) the harvest.  This year, we are able to bring them to the surface in one single pass & then ask our volunteers to help us pick up them, wash them and send them on their way.

Thank you William’s Tractor for helping The Farm come to life!  You’re a life saver!  We encourage everyone to stop by William’s Tractor and give a big thank you for their help.