From May, 2011

Farm Gift Card Thank You

A simple note of thanks…

As part of The Farm initiative we have partnered with some of the area schools to provide their families who have food needs with Gift Cards to our booth for redemption of produce. This morning we had our first family stop by to redeem their card. As the mother was leaving she slipped me this …

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Joplin. Susie’s Story. Renewal and Hope.

Susie, pictured at right in the camo shirt, tugged at my heart today. Her and her husband have been long time Missouri residents, currently living in Carthage, but calling Joplin home. It is where they grew up and spent many years with the family business. It is home for Susie, and her father still resides […]

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Joplin Lovin’

Hey friends! We just wanted to share with you guys the latest happenings with us and the Joplin relief efforts! We have a way into Joplin on Wednesday with another group from NWA! Just a note:: this is just the beginning of the efforts, we know this is a long process and needs will be […]

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Asbell Elementary School’s Farm Education Week

I was thrilled that the Cobblestone Project Farm was able to participate in Asbell Elementary School’s intersession week. We had 8 students sign up through Asbell to take The Farm Class which was 5 days long from 8am-11am for the students learned about the principles of farming, healthy eating & how things grow.  This was …

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Serving Together as a Family.

Something we as the 3B2D team is incredibly passionate is serving as a family. We have heard awesome stories and seen families changed because they serve together. It doesn’t matter how old, young, youthful, goofy, shy someone is….serving with people who surround them with love and compassion can make the biggest difference. Personally, an example […]

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First Planting Celebration at The Farm

The chickens were nesting and laying eggs in their new homes. Children were running free in what soon will be corn fields. Some were learning how to plant a potato. Neighbors were meeting for the first time. The day felt good. (special thanks to for video production) The sun came out and the winds …

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