From July, 2010

Tyson Foods Hunger Relief helping Cobblestone Project Gathering & Distribution Efforts

We are happy to announce that Tyson Foods has begun partnering with the Gathering & Distribution efforts of the Cobblestone Project.  This food is picked up and then directly distributed to food pantries & shelters across Northwest Arkansas as well being added to the efforts of The Garden initiative. This is so important because the protien sources …

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Mark Horvath, Founder, returning to NW Arkansas July 30th & 31st

PRESS RELEASE It has been one year since the 1,287 Homelessness Awareness Rally, and much has been accomplished. On Saturday July 31st, Mark Horvath returns to NW Arkansas as a part of the Road Trip USA to share how homelessness is changing, the accomplishments that have been made and the needs that still exist. You …

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