From March, 2010

The handwriting of the hungry

“the day this does not ‘wreck me’ is the day I need to walk away…”

these were the words from our friends at Samaritan Community Center when they shared these two letters with us as a reminder of the reality of hunger in NW Arkansas.

We are so thankful for the people at Samaritan Community Center and the work that they do every day to serve those who are in need.

They are able to meet the needs of these children through the Snackpacks for Kids program and we hope that you will support their efforts in a major way to help those in our community.

For more information on how you can help, please visit their website at, and the next time you meet some who is helping their please give them a big hug of encouragement.

“Present in the City” with Greg Russinger (Video & Connection Info)

A special thank you to all who shared “Present in the City” with us on March 14th.  It was a special evening to share with a community or people seeking encouragement & strength as we walk this road together.

Thank you to Seth Primm for sharing his gift of music with us to start things off.  Each initiative team had the opportunity to share the latest news and share some inspiring stories.  Thank you to those who truly make Cobblestone Project come alive.

We had the honor of sharing “Don’s Story” with those present with us.  Don is the first person to benefit from the Our Step initiative, and his story is a powerful one of hope.

We had a special guest all the way from Portland with us for “Present in the City.”  Greg Russinger, founding member of Just One, shared with us what it truly means to be present in our city.

If you missed the evening, we did record the evening, so please enjoy Greg’s words.

Coming Soon…click here to download the audio (mp3) recording of the Greg’s talk

During Greg’s time in NW Arkansas he had an opportunity to visit with Samaritan Community Center, Seven Hills Homeless Center, see the Cobblestone Project DC & first Fayetteville Laundry Love location and spend a little time in Fayetteville. 

We were also honored to have Josh Stolier from Portland and Just One Hub leaders Max Fincher (Dallas) and Andy Houltberg (Kansas City)

Thank you to the team from who were present with us & who are supporting the “Our Step” initiative through their efforts.  When you purchase one of their “Homelessness t-shirts” a portion of the proceeds go to support finding housing for those without.

We do owe the biggest thank you for bringing us all together for the evening to Katelyn Graves.  She is truly our hero behind the scenes and we are so thankful for her continued efforts to support Cobblestone Project.  We could not do any of this with out her!

If you would like to find out more information on Cobblestone Project, any of the initiatives or volunteer to help, please visit our Cobblestone Project Home Page for more information.

Don’s story

On behalf of the many people & organizations that have made this possible, it is with great joy that we share Don’s story from hopelessness to hope.

Don’s story still has many roads left to walk that will not be easy; however, he can now take that “next step” with a roof over his head and a community in support.

Our Step is a collaborative partnership with the University of Arkansas Community & Family Institute, Seven Hills Homeless Center, Samaritan Community Center, NW Arkansas Women’s shelter, the Cobblestone Project and the NW Arkansas community.

The Our Step initiative came to life out of the story of 1,287 in June 2009 & the visit of Mark Horvath, founder of, to NW Arkansas.  We are forever grateful.

This story was made possible by the tireless efforts of so many and funding from the University of Arkansas Community & Family Institute and the United Way of NW Arkansas.

The Our Step initiative receives no federal or government funding & is only made possible because of the generous hearts of our community to understand needs and meet those needs in a way that works towards solutions.  You can be a part of the future stories to be told by donating household items, preparing meals, fulfilling the needs of those placed into the program once they move into permanent housing or by financial donations.

There are many more people in NW Arkansas with stories just like Don’s, and through efforts like these we can bring them home.

Thank you to our incredible community!

The Farm

The Cobblestone Project, in collaborative partnership with the University of Arkansas Department of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Services, Downtown Bentonville, Inc., World Garden and with the support of Walmart Stores, is excited to announce the launch of The Farm initiative!

The Farm is a new initiative that involves the Cobblestone Project farming land to grow crops that will be used 1) to feed the hungry of NW Arkansas, 2) provide a foundation for Community Supported Agriculture opportunities and 3) provide financial resources from the sale of a portion of the harvest in order will offset operational costs and become fully self-sufficient.

The Farm initiatives has grown out of the story that began with Mark Horvath’s (founder visit to NW Arkansas for 1,287 that connected Cobblestone Project with World Garden and their feeding initiative now known as The Cafe.

For the 2010 growing season, we will begin by farming approx. 5 acres with crops that include:  Pototoes, Onions, Cabbage, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Radishes, Carrots, Corn, Cucumbers, Squash, Turnip Greens, Mustard Greens, Beets, Leeks, Shallots, Turnips, Spinach, Bush Beans, Eggplant, Okra, Cilantro, Bell Pepper, Jalapeno, Basil, Sweet Potatoes, Collards and Peas

The team coordinating & advising The Farm includes…

  • David Carter – Land owner & Agricultural Expert
  • Mark Bray – University of Arkansas Department of Agriculture Coorperative Extension Agent
  • Gary Davis – The Farm Site Manager & Farmer’s Market Coordinator
  • Barry Bryant – Volunteer & Civic Coordination
  • Stephanie Bryant – Communications, Marketing & PR
  • Mike Rusch – Coordination

For more information, please visit The Farm initiative webpage or contact Farm(@)