From February, 2010

Our Step Christmas Challenge results & update…

In December, one NW Arkansas family issued our community to a Christmas Challenge to raise support, awareness and money for the Our Step program.

If you missed their original posting & the challenge, here is a link to the video

“Our Step Christmas Challenge”

The results are in and we have some exiciting news to share about what your efforts have already accomplished!

We hope to share the first Our Step story on March 14th at a special gathering of the Cobblestone Project “Present in the City“.  All are welcome, there is no cost and it promises to be an incredible evening among community

What is Our Step?

Our Step is a collaborative housing initiative started by Seven Hills Homeless Shelter, Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter, Samaritan Community Center and the Cobblestone Project to provide people and families assistance in breaking the cycle of homelessness and domestic violence by eliminating the initial costs to secure affordable housing.

For more information…

  • Visit the Our Step initiative page
  • Send an email to

Thanks you so much!


Update to Oct 09 Story about Family of 5 without parents in need…

The weather hasn’t been a kind friend these past 45 days, so with a little clear skies a team of people went to work on helping the Grandmother and family of 5 we heard about last October in building the addition onto their home.

Thanks to Wayne and a team from JBU + the $1,150 you donated to help this family, construction is underway!  The walls should be complete by Monday and then the roof goes on.

An incredible story of a community coming together to help a family in need…!  If you missed the original story, here are links to previous Story posts.


Laundry Love Fayetteville…a community continues

It was a good evening at February’s Laundry Love Fayetteville thanks to the team that continues to love and sacrifice over the long haul.  It’s an amazing community that has formed over the past 18 months, and while the stories are never easy and situations are hard there is joy and love that abounds.

Here are a couple of photos from the evening…

For more information about Laundry Love, please visit the Laundry Love initiative webpage.  Connect with Other Cobblestone Project Whrrl Stories