From March, 2009

Another Shear Kindness day…and another Shear Success!

Nine women left the salon today with heads held a little higher and a little more spring in their steps, plus their hair and nails looked fabulous!

Three little girls got to visit a real salon for the first time ever.

Five stylists served, but got their socks blessed off in the process.

They said that this was the best Shear Kindness yet and that they are so enjoying building relationships with these women!

Five shaggy little boys are now handsome little guys with a little more sparkle in their eyes.

And two little ones too young for haircuts were played with and loved on unconditionally.

Thank you to all of the hands that served to make Shear Kindness happen again!

Mia Bella Salon, you are amazing!

What an incredible blessing for you to open your doors on a Saturday to the women of Restoration Village.

Michelle Black, being able to add manicures as part of our pampering was such a treat!

Cari Platt, as our lone stylist at the Village for the kids, you selflessly devoted your time to loving on kids and their mommies through precious little haircuts.

Kristin, our fearless chauffer, thanks for getting everyone where they needed to be.

Ladies who volunteered to care for the kids, without you we could not have accomplished this day!

Not only did you show up to help, but you all brought a friend!! Amazing!

June, Amy, Alexis, and Lanie, thank you so much!

Even though you were behind the scenes, your servant’s hearts allowed some mommies the opportunity to feel beautiful, valuable, and worthy.

Even though the date and general plan for the day were set weeks ago, the details did not fall into place until the event had already begun.

Obviously a sovereign God was at work to bring heaven to earth through haircuts.

March 2009 Shear Kindness a initiative.

Just Enough…Laundry Love Project Rogers

Have you ever wanted to be a part of something like a charity, an organization or a fundraiser, and had the thoughts that your contribution wouldn’t be enough? 

Have you ever wondered if your efforts had really made any difference at all? 

I know that I have, but Friday night’s March Laundry Love taught me that every donation counts. 

When our team got to the laundromat on Friday night we knew it was going to be busy, but we didn’t expect what happened this time.

Our official start time is 6:00; however, by five minutes after 6:00 all 39 washers were going, and these are industrial size washers that hold 3-5 times your normal wash. 

Our guests were stacked up waiting for machines to become free, and our team began to worry that we might not be able to meet all of the needs. 

Within 90 minutes of the start, we had gone through our normal budget, and now we were relying upon some unexpected donations that had been dropped off the day before.  We seriously were down to our last rolls of quarters, and we had a people still coming in.

But we made and here is how the need was met…

Nichole at Loving Choices slipped me an envelope and said "it’s not much but it should cover a load of laundry"….

Two Community Groups gave……

My in-laws neighbors who were so intrigued with our cause they made a contribution….

The high school students that gave a baggie full of change…..

To the employees at the First National Bank of Rogers who collect change through the month……

To John Wells at Catfish Johns who heard our story and donated dinner to ALL of our guest….

and one of the most AMAZING contributions, 

The man and his wife who were at the laundry mat doing their own laundry where so amazed by this story that  they gave us their left over quarters so we could help the others….


We had just enough to provide Theresa the opportunity to have clean clothes for her, her 7 month old infant, and her husband who has been out of work for 3 months.  We had enough for Michelle who is still looking for extra work so she can have the money to get her husband to Arkansas.  We had enough for Abby to do the laundry for her family of 5, and come back with her linens because we didn’t have to limit her loads. We had enough for the woman (who’s name  I didn’t catch) wash her clothes for the only time this month, because the funds weren’t there otherwise. 

These stories go on and on.  The need is here, not far away, but in our own backyard. 

The donations big and small made a huge difference.

I hope those of you reading this become inspired to see where you can make a difference.  Where your time, treasure, and talent can be truly measured. 

And if you find yourself looking for a cause…..come check out Laundry Love, it’s worth it’s weight in quarters.

Thank you all,

The Rogers Laundry Love Project team

Here are some key ways to help meet the needs that we meet at Laundry Love Project in both Rogers & Fayetteville…

  • Volunteer your time to attend a Laundry Love Project
  • Donate Shoebox Care Kits
  • Volunteer to provide meals for guests at LLP
  • Donate quarters, laundry detergent, fabric softener or laundry baskets (those that come usually don’t have them)

If you would like to get involved with Laundry Love Project, please send an email to and we will be in touch shortly.