From October, 2008

Bentonville’s Lochmoor Club donates 850+ lbs of Food!

The Arkansas Razorback game on Saturday may not have done anything for the residents of NW Arkansas, but Sunday’s Good Neighbor Food Drive collected over 850+ lbs of food for the Samaritan Community Center in Rogers.

To date that brings the total Good Neighbor Food Drive donations to 2,450 lbs of food in just two short weekends!

Thanks to the residents of Lochmoor Club in Bentonville for their amazing generousity and making the 2nd Food Drive a huge success! This Initiative continues to show that with everyone pitching in just a little, huge progress can be made in working towards a solution to Hunger & Poverty in NW Arkansas.

To date, there are approx. 10 neighborhoods in some phase of gearing up for a Food Drive in their subdivision.

Special thanks to the volunteers that made the food drive so successful…they include: The Stephan Family, Mandrell Family, Kotoucek Family, Rusch Family, Kaler Family, Rodriguez Family, and the Ford Family.

Can’t wait to do this again!

College Place Good Neighbor Food Drive Hauls in 1,500 lbs of Food!

What an amazing day in Bentonville on Saturday, Oct 18th!  College Place neighborhood donated an amazing 1,500 lbs of food that was donated to the Samaritan Community Center!

What an amazing demonstration of the generous hearts that call College Place home.

Special thanks to the neighborhood volunteers to gave of their time so generously.

Mark, Kecia, Carter & Loren Schwab
Matt & Luke Loveless
Travis, Tami & Hadlee Newell
Shane & Logan Pollard
Dant & Dillon Dexter
Benny & Elaine Latimer

Special Edition Good Neighbor Food Drive receives 500+ lbs of Food Donations!

Chick-Fil-A owner Scott Clark was generous enough to allow Cobblestone Project to use their parking lot on Sunday to try and raise awareness of the hunger issue in NW Arkansas and provide a special drop off point for food donations.

We are thankful for the many people who took a small detour from their days to drop off this food.

The food donated was delivered to the Samaritan Community Center in Rogers and to Restoration Village in Little Flock. Great opportunity to serve to great organizations that were in need.

Thanks to all the volunteers to came up to support and work the drop off point, thanks to the generous hearts of the people of NW Arkansas and thanks again to Chick-Fil-A for letting us use their prime location!

500+ lbs of food is a blessing!

Restoration Village Service Day – Chainsaws & Clothing

The Oct 2nd Saturday at Restoration Village provided many opportunities for people to engage in meeting not only the needs of the Village but also of some local clothing providers.

The sounds of chainsaws filled the air at the Village as we began the process of cutting down dead trees to use as fire wood for the heater at the Lodge. Lots of volunteers, lots of wood, and now we are just about ready to start splitting. Nov will be a great month for that.

On another note, a group of ladies attacked the winter clothing that was in the storage shed. All the clothes were inventoried and the there was enough clothing to provide for the women and children of Restoration Village.

Out of the excess, additional children’s clothes were donated to the Community Kids Closet.

November will be a great month as we will distribute the remaining men’s clothing and sleeping bags to Seven Hills Homeless Shelter in Fayetteville.

Thanks to everyone that help…very productive day and great time to experience the friendships we’ve made over the past year.

October Good Neighbor Food Drive Collects 1,000+ lbs of Food!

It was an incredible weekend as Rogers neighborhoods The Manors, Highland Knolls and Hearthstone came together to donate over 1,000+ lbs the meet the food needs at the Samaritan Community Center!

Huge thanks to the volunteers that pulled it all together and to the generous hearts of the residents of these neighborhoods. What a HUGE difference they made!

Volunteers for the Manors and Highland Knolls (600 lbs of Food Donated)

Alicia Brooks
Danny Burdess and his son
Chris Morris and his son
Greg and Amy Primm and their two girls
Dana Russell and her daughter and friend
Matt and Lynne Sitton and their two children
Steve and Desiree Weber and our three children

Volunteers from Hearthstone (550 lbs of Food Donated)

Tiffany Box
Shelley and Jason Beaudoin
Damon and Gretchen Keith
Heather and Steve Findlay
Patrick McCroy and Family
Josh and Jennifer Arkins and Family

Hearthstone Video

All donations were delivered to the Samaritan Community Center in Rogers

October’s Laundry Love Project

October’s Laundry Love Project was just short of…well it wasn’t short…it was incredible!

We had a jump start on announcing the October LLP because of some wonderful people who donated quarters to be used at LLP.  Thanks to those donations, we could move forward!

Posters were displayed approx. 3 weeks prior to LLP at various shelters in South Fayetteville, and as a result we were able serve even more guest’s need for clean clothes.

In total we washed approx. 125 loads of laundry and served approx. 45 people. At one point, every washing machine in the laundromat was going!

We had two very special gifts to offer this night…

First, we were able to serve HOMEMADE soup to our guests. A huge thanks to Karen Graves for organizing the soup delivery and also to the many people who prepared those meals.  It was an incredible thing to be able to feed our guests and they LOVED IT!  Their generosity didn’t stop at soup because they also sent some much needed quarters to feed those machines! THANK YOU!

Second, we were able to distribute coats, socks, hygiene packs and sleeping bags to our guests. The weather is turning and now more than ever the need is present. We packed an SUV full of these items and we had them all spoken for in about 5 minutes. Thank you to the Community Group of Jim & Anne Arkins and Bob & Pat Moore for coordinating that gift.  People are warm tonight because they responded to this need we learned of in September.


Another special thanks to the employees at the Bank of Rogers ( for collecting quarters for this month’s LLP. These types of efforts by businesses are an incredible way to help their communities, and we encourage you to visit them for your banking needs. When the resources of business are able to share out of their excess in the communities, mountains move.  Thank you to the Bank of Rogers as they continue their desire to serve in their communities.

The stories we take from these evenings are so powerful…there are four that are stuck in my mind.

1. One man was there washing his blanket (the only thing he has to sleep on at his campsite) and commented how it was so helpful to be able to wash his clothes and blanket. He stated that the next thing he needed before it got too cold was a sleeping bag. So, we gave him one! Thanks to the Arkins/Moore Community Group that need was met.

2. One man told us that he, his pregnant wife and 3 year old daughter were really close to being homeless, so the ability to wash clothes for free was a huge benefit. He also told me that he needed a coat for the job that he was just hired for.  So, we gave him one!  Their eyes lit up and he told me…”I think we’re going to make it.”

3. One women told us if she was given the choice of washing her clothes or buying a gallon of milk for her children she would obviously choose the milk. That night when she got home, she had both.

4. Unfortunately due to the craziness of the evening, we lost one man’s laundry. You could see the need in his eyes. So, we took him to Walmart down the street and bought him 3 new pairs of jeans, 5 shirts, underwear, socks and some new bath towels.  Hope restored because of all the people who have given to support LLP.

Hopefully you can begin to see that Laundry Love Project is about so much more than just clean clothes. It is about loving people that our world has forgotten, so that they may know they are needed and that they are valued.

For more information, find out how you can help or to read about other Laundry Love Project’s, visit the LLP initiative page.

Grace & Peace,

There’s a Little More Room to be Cold (Flare to Story)

It’s my pleasure to share that this need has been met by an incredible donation of the perfect refrigerator!  Thanks for all that responded, and thanks to the person who donated it.  It was delivered to the family last week!  Amazing gift!  Below is a copy of the thank you note from the family who recieved the refrigerator (names removed)…


An extreme “thank you” for helping us in our time of need.

My husband of almost 20 years has called it quits – no one can understand why. I know God is my provider but it still hurts that I have to rely on other women’s busy husbands to help me, even in the basics.

3 years ago we were living in a penthouse apartment overlooking [location removed]. I don’t even want to be here in NWA, no offense, but God told me if I come here “all will be well.”

Pray for a miracle for our family to be healed. My husband’s father left his mother of 17 years (and 8 children) when he was 14. My oldest daughter Kelly is 14. It’s all so sad.

I was just offered a job as a cashier at [specifics removed]. I have not worked outside the home for 15 years. Pray I stay in the center of God’s will.

Hope to help the Cobblestone Project at some future date.

Thanks for your sacrifice.

Original Flare Posted:

Due to circumstances beyond her control a mom and her 5 children recently move from Colorado to NW Arkansas and is without any financial support from family.

One need is a standard sized refrigerator and financial circumstances prevent this from being purchased